Monday, January 21, 2008

The NEED OF Latin Participation here in the USA

My Fellow Latinos,

Independant of your native country, you are now here in the United States. Many of you have arrived here legally. I am grateful for your willingness to have completed the process here legally. I am grateful for your time and your will to read or hear my message to you.

The United States is a country of promises. It is time for these promises to be realized. The realization of these promises hinge on you doing your part.

During the last 2 terms, here in the USA, we have progressed, but not nearly enough. There are various programs of the government that simply are not doing sufficiently to help the Latino community that IS legal. This is NOT about those who are here illegally. This is about the benefits that legal latinos SHOULD be receiving and ARE NOT. Those who DO have their permanent resident cards should also have the benefits that they DESERVE to have. If you have a green card or are citizens, you SHOULD have precedence over those who are here illegally.

I need to talk to you about an unfortunate case of mortgage fraud that is occurring and that is where people are purchasing homes, they take out large HELOCs on their homes and simply return back to their native country. My hope is that that nobody reading this is in that company. This level of crime is deplorable and it undoes this country. We are already having difficulty in the housing industry where many people are being taken out of their country due to bankruptcy due to mortgage fraud and faulty lending where the paperwork is ANYTHING but transparent. My hope is that whoever is guilty of mortgage fraud or lending scandals are found, arrested and punished for whatever they have done that is unethical and illegal.

As far as hourly kitchen and cleaning jobs, I will look to augment the minimum federal salary and also create ways by which the LEGAL latino community will have all of the benefits that they rightfully deserve. One of the most important rights is that you all have the ability of taking English classes. While you can speak whatever language you desire in your home, I would hope that you would procure opportunities to integrate within the American threadwork and that you have the best academic opportunities that you can have whether at your work or in your community. Your opportunity to learn English can be at either a school, work, or at home. By learning English, the assumptions and discredits to the Latino community may begin to subside. It will also help your resume and allow you to compete for better paying jobs so that you can help your families.

The best part is to have someone who can empathize and present your questions and doubts and, with respect to your culture and having lived in Brazil for over 2 years, I have the capability to help you in a more personalized manner. I can show more sympathy and empathy in general. I have lived and I live now within the Latin population. I have lieved among you. I have lived in poor neighborhoods in Belo Horizonte, Vespasiano (Morro Alto) and Betim. I am not your typical rich ignorant politician, whose interest lies at those lobbysits and others who will help the rich and leave the poor behind.

I am just like you, married to Isabel, my Brazilian American wife who came here legally in June of 2000 and I am grateful to her for her support, her assistence and a different perspective that helps me remain empathetic and understanding for the need to have cultural awareness among all races and communities.

I will be very grateful for all of your help and participation. I will do all that I can to help you, the Latino community in each of your respective industries, be it education, transportation, food and hospitality, tourism, military, engineering, sciences etc. This country is ready and the need for a dramatic change is overdue. With your help we can make this country the one that realized all of our goals.

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