Monday, December 08, 2008

College Rivalries and all of the jokes between them

Due to USC's win over UCLA....I thought to bring this up...what are the best jokes between rivalry schools? here are a few from USC fans at the Bruins expense...

How do you get a UCLA grad off your front porch?
Pay him for the pizza and send him on his way.

“I used to go to UCLA, then my dad got a job.”

I knew a UCLA grad who studied for five days … to prepare for a urine test.

UCLA means University of California with Lower Achievement!

UCLA means U Clowns Lose Always!

How is a UCLA coed like a quarter in the toilet? You know it's there..but no way you are taking it out..

“My brother went to UCLA in 1979,” “He’s going to become a senior next year. He’s in gradual school.” -Wendy Leibman

You are ruined if you are a BRUIN!

There are plenty more but for the time being...what rivalry jokes do you have with the school that opposes yours? Michigan/Ohio State fans? Harvard/Yale? Utah/BYU? Georgia Tech/Georgia? Auburn/Alabama? Texas/Oklahoma?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what I am for Thanksgiving!

You Are The Stuffing

You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.

People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

SC is greedy? No, PAC10 needs more teams...PAC12 is in order

My letter to Dan Wetzel,

Dan, I thought about this in a few ways. I think that it is safe to say that Utah and Boise St are the missing links of an "upcoming but will never happen" Pac12..if you take either Utah/BYU and either Boise St/Fresno St. out of their current leagues, the MWC will STILL survive with BYU/Utah and TCU and Air Force as their strengths..if you take out Boise State/Fresno State, you still have Nevada, Fresno State/Boise State and Hawaii as their strengths in the WAC. You don't lose anything in those leagues as they can still have non conference against their rivals ...see UGA against Geo. Tech.

If the current PAC10 plays Utah/BYU who they went 1-6 against for the most part....then you have 2-3 MORE ranked teams in the PAC12 and you have a north and south that you can be proud of and the rest of the nation would applaud the addition AND the PAC12 would have to put both teams in the north region unless, Fresno State were chosen. If Fresno State were to be chosen, then 1 team goes north and the other south..

BSU/Utah Scenario
PAC12 north-1)BSU 2)Utah 3)Oregon 4)Ore St 5)UW 6)WSU
Pac12 south-USC-Cal-UCLA-ASU-UA-Stanford

Fresno St/BYU Scenario
PAC12 north-1)BYU 2)Cal 3)Oregon 4)Ore St 5)UW 6)WSU
Pac12 south-USC-Fresno St.-UCLA-ASU-UA-Stan

Believe me, this would break up the monotony of the PAC10 with 2 more ranked teams and yes, Utah/Boise St. and or BYU and Fresno WOULD compete as they have this year quite well at 6-1 against the PAC..we are looking at 2 more ranked teams which means USC would have 4-5 ranked games every year for a LONG time. Utah/BYU/Fresno St and Boise State can all compete at the D1 level and have all made BCS teams look like fools on several opportunities...Boise State with Oklahoma 2006, Utah against USC 2001(10-6), BYU against UCLA twice in a year, this would improve the pac big time...

If USC has to battle against Utah/BYU/Boise State or Fresno State depending on how the teams are aligned, in a PAC12 championship game, they would get the respect of the nation. Especially those in the Big 12 and SEC region who have to do the same thing.

The Big 10 needs to annex Notre Dame and change their name to the Rust Belt Conference since there already is a Big12 that actually HAD 12 teams in it. If the "rust belt conference and the Pac region conferences have a championship game, then all but the Big East would have legitimate conference champions and it would facilitate looking at who really are the BCS champion worthy teams.

As far as rivals are concerned with Utah and BYU or other rivals, don't be. Georgia and Georgia Tech definitely do not allow that to create problems for their rivalry. Neither do Iowa and Iowa State. So rivalries would continue as they have in the past. If USC plays Notre Dame for 70+ years, Utah and BYU should have no problems whatsoever...and actually it helps them out as they do not cancel each other out for the chance to get into the BCS and it is one less team in the MWC to muck things up.

As it stands, Utah or BYU have to go against each other plus Air Force AND TCU. With that out of the way, BYU or Utah would still face each other but as a nonconference game and they can still have the chance to get into the BCS bowl system, only difference is that one of them would be going up against USC year in and year out until SC's domination ends which could happen anytime in the next decade. We still have no idea how long Carroll will remain at USC, but either way the PAC Regional Conference would be sweet! Seeing Utah vs. Cal every year would be awesome as would a Utah/Boise St game or Boise St against USC. There would be a lot of fantastic football with this augmentation and reorganization of the current PAC10.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Maybe they're risque...but was not meant to offend lol

I found these and several others on

a few other choice titles were as follows:

-Save a camel, ride a coastie
-Save a boat, ride a coastie
-Coasties do it better (ask a Navy wife)
-Got coastie?
-Coasties, taking care of navy wives since 1790
-forget cowboys, ride a coastie
-can't handle the surf, stay in the sand
-coasties do it in any weather
-Coasties do a body good
-this coastie curls my toes
-my coastie rocks my socks
-Coasties do it deeper
-be an environmentalist, save water and shower with a coastie

yes there were several "i love my coasties" but those are the norm and not the I thought I'd bring out the ones that create some of the shock value lol...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gamers make bad lovers, researchers say you REALLY think that a guy who spends over 1500 dollars in games alone and 5700 in subscriptions is REALLY going to care what you think? lol

look...I am not making this up by myself...I cannot embellish on what needs no on the title of the post and the story sells

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Secrets of Sexually Satisfied Wives

September 20th, 2008 by Laura M. Brotherson

Women have incredible sexual potential. Female sexuality has traditionally been minimized, but for the benefit of one’s wholeness, and for the strength of one’s marriage, an awakening of one’s sexuality within marriage becomes vital.
Sexual satisfaction may seem unimportant to the wife who has not yet made it a priority. Nevertheless, sexual development in marriage goes to the heart of one’s wholeness and personal development. It ultimately allows for the ecstasy of mutual enjoyment in marriage. This is God’s intended gift.
In order to empower women to reap the blessings of sexual wholeness and marital oneness, we must know what it is we are working toward. What are the secrets of sexually satisfied wives? If it is our intention to become sexually whole in our marriages, what are the characteristics of a sexually satisfied wife that we too can develop?
Embraces sexuality. The sexually satisfied wife embraces and takes responsibility for her sexuality. She makes it a priority. She sees her sexuality as good and important not only for her marriage, but also as an important part of her beingness. She has learned to find pleasure in the physicalness of the sexual dimension of marriage.
Nurtures the relationship. She nurtures the relationship with her spouse, and willingly addresses issues as they arise, so that they don’t grow and fester. She understands that how connected she feels emotionally towards her spouse affects how she feels sexually. She does what she needs to to nurture feelings of love and friendship.
Overcomes inhibitions. She works to overcome the inhibiting beliefs and barriers that may keep her from enjoying the sexual relationship with her husband. She works to reprogram those thoughts and beliefs that are counterproductive to feelings of emotional connection and sexual arousal.
Nurtures sexual feelings. She makes it a priority to nurture sexual thoughts and feelings towards her spouse. She understands that with her unique wiring, sexual feelings and desires are more consciously acquired.
Sexually educated. She willingly takes an active role in getting educated about this dimension of marriage. She understands and accepts the differences in sexual wiring between herself and her husband, as well as the differing paths to arousal each may experience.
Makes peace with her body. Sexually satisfied wives make peace with their body and appearance, but also do what they can to look their best. They put effort into their health and appearance through exercise, eating healthly, getting enough sleep, and dressing attractively. They make the best of what they have. They also accept that there are some things they can’t change about their appearance, and have learned to be okay with it.
Is fun and playful. The sexually satisfied wife maintains an element of fun and playfulness in the relationship. Even amidst the demands of life, she makes the effort to tease and be playful with her husband. They know each other well, and enjoy each other’s presence.
Knows what she needs. She spends time learning and practicing together with her husband until they have identified what turns her on, and what kind of stimulation she needs to regularly experience orgasm.
Communicates. She’s learned to communicate with her husband without being reactive, so that delicate subjects such as sex can be discussed. She’s willing to ask questions and shares personal preferences to help her husband learn how to sexually engage and excite her.
Likes to touch. She likes to touch. Sexually satisfied wives see to it that there is plenty of touching going on in their marriage. She takes responsibility, if need be, to see that there is enough non-sexual touch and affection outside the bedroom as well as within.
Surrenders to the passion. She’s learned how to relax and let go within lovemaking. She is willing and able to surrender to the all-encompassing experience of sexual pleasure, and is in tune with her sensuousness. While it may seem paradoxical, the sexually satisfied wife not only surrenders herself to the sensual experience, but she also actively engages in experiencing and expressing her passion.
Takes responsibility for self. The sexually satisfied wife takes responsibility for her happiness and well-being, and keeps her focus on things she can do to improve the marriage and sexual relationship. She knows that how she feels about herself affects how she feels sexually. She is regularly working on aspects of herself that she’d like to change, which keeps her from getting caught up in trying to change her spouse.
These secrets of sexually satisfied wives can show us how we too can be empowered to experience and enjoy sexual wholeness and the sexual potential God created in marriage.
Laura M. Brotherson is the author of a groundbreaking book on sexual intimacy and marital oneness entitled, And They Were Not Ashamed—Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment. Laura shares her passion for building strong marriages and families as an author, intimacy educator and relationship consultant.
Visit her website to learn more and to sign up for her “Straight Talk about Strengthening Marriage” newsletter. is your trusted resource for education, products and services to strengthen marriages intimately!

Poll shows gap between blacks and whites over racial discrimination

Actually this article is pretty good. I think it is news worthy...the title could be distracting or overly generic..but the meat of the article is worth reading.

If you click on this title, you will leave my blog...but one back click and you are back to my frivelous rantings ;) lol

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alright I got we go...tagging is as follows below...

Tag Game- List 5 joys, 5 fears, 5 obsessions/collections, and 5 surprising facts, then tag 5 people.

1. kids potty
2. USC beat Ohio State! Angels won their division, Dodgers in 1st place!
3. Finishing my degree!
4. taking my kids places they hadn't the beach...that was cool!
5. changing jobs next year...not sure what yet...

Fears -
1. fear of falling thus ladders/HIGH roller coasters/roofs but not ordinarily planes (heights)
2. not raising my kids correctly, in the eyes of others...
3. losing money on the house/losing home in quake
4. Bankruptcy/credit damage
5. Divorce

Current Obsessions
1. School (I swear I WILL GRADUATE by the time I am 35 lol)
2. Work
3. My kids
4. college football particularly USC/U of U
5. music...i am not sorry.. this will never is my peace and quiet

Surprising Facts
1. I LOVE CA more than ut
2. I have a cousins younger than me with better degrees lol
3. People in my work think I'm over 40
4. Owning a home is not as easy as it looks
5. Provided I put in 20 yrs of military time, my kids schooling is paid for in CA!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What does 9/11 mean to you? Where were you when it occurred?

I remember that I had just dropped off Bell at school and was driving on 7th East in SLC and I was listening to 107.5 (The End) when it came over the radio that the 1st tower had come down. I was in were most the way that they were driving, rather rudementary from time to time. It was a very somber and sobering moment that will forever change how we look at life itself and where our futures will go.

I was already in the process of joining the US Coast Guard at the time. I remember that when I went to work at Jordon Commons in Sandy, my boss (Mr. Joos)asked me if I was sure I still wanted to go. I am putting his name out there, because it was very typical of who he is as a person. That said, most people at my work were very supportive of my new opportunity to serve my country. I remember watching the horror on the big screen and my stomach churned as much as everyone else's. I remember the hurt that I felt and the lack of understanding but since there were attacks on that building in 1993, I guess there was a very disgusting feeling of closure. They finally achieved and not just once, but twice on our country. It was very offensive and painful to deal with. I, in fact, could not be any more proud of my decision to join the military. I would do it all over again without flinching.

In the months following, nothing else mattered. You could not see a car go by that did not have a decal. Everyone was as nice to each other as I have ever seen in my life. People simply respected one another. The richest and poorest Americans would never even consider treating each other with less than the greatest respect. it is a shame that now, we need the olympics and this war for us to feel any patriotism as an overall country. I saw today on CNN that the threat for another attack is under 35%...that creates more fear in me than a lot of things. I think that is proof that we have indeed forgotten 9-11. It is always when we expect it the least that these moments occur. I am grateful that we have not had to deal with it, but I am always distrusting and leary of gaining any sense of confidence against terrorists as they are very untrusting and volatile people who can go off at any time. I hope that we will NOT forget 9-11. I do not think we need to create a sense of resentment towards those of the same religion who fear Al Qaeda as much as we do. I think they too have the same feelings that we do, for the most part. Iraq has lost 3 times as many people as we have and I am sure that they are capable of seeing how extremism is simply what it is.

During basic training, the Anthrax scares occurred and that was troubling as well. When I was in San Francisco at Golden Gate, many people looked at that unit as a station vacation. Nothing could be further from the truth. That is a very very busy small boat station that should be lauded for all that it has to deal with on a daily basis. Their efforts are often underappreciated and underestimated. I received only the best training when I was there. Watchstanding included taking care of the bridge itself. There was a HUGE sense of pride and I look at that time as a huge growing opportunity for me. I grew more as a seaman in San Fran and as a newlywed than at any other time of my life. The threat of terrorism was at its highest and the fact that we worked around the clock to save people, took care of the bridge and kept the station looking its best was a pleasing way to serve our vulnerable and victimized country at that time.

Now years later, I find myself here in the Bay Area where I feel many times we have truly forgotten 9-11. I am taking classes in domestic and international terrorism and I have been learning this as training for my job. Now, I am a Yeoman. We are not known for being in counter-terrorism. We are best known as Human Resource Specialists. I am first a member of the military, I am second a YN. I will do whatever I am asked to do and if my knowledge in the matter can be of assistance to any unit, detachment or operation of the Coast Guard, I will offer my services where I can.

I am grateful for my opportunity to serve my country and I will never forget 9-11. I will never regret serving my country and I will never look back, only forward!

Semper Paratus!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ladies explain this: Dress Barn? Sag Harbor? Paper Doll? Roseanne's? Trashy Diva?Hot F(l)ash?

How is it that women go to the Dress Barn....women YEARN to not be compared to a cow, yet, they go to this store that is coincidently called "dress barn". How is it that this works out? And inside this "barn" we're looking at labels like Sag Harbor? Like women need a constant reminder that their breasts are sagging? I am pretty sure that is the LAST reminder they need.If Sag Harbor isn't enough, let's go with Hot F(l)ash...because every woman wants to think about menopause as they are buying their clothes...let's move on...heaven forbid I dwell on that one..let's go to the MAJOR female killer...Paper Doll...LOVELY!..women are all pissed prudes and are victimized due to their men watching porn...oh hey, guess what I bought at the barn?? I got these paper doll skirts...very nice! Now, if we want to get away from the filth, we need not move too far because the BETTER clothing label is Trashy Diva...which is much better than the infamous Roseanne's....because every woman wants to be reminded of Roseanne Barr as they are buying clothes.

So there you have makes NO SENSE at all...but it is what it is...

but excuse me if I do not follow the rest of the men into Limp Johnson's apparel...or Beerbelly Bar or any other place that reminds a man of his inadequacies...but if it works for you...who am I???

Monday, September 08, 2008


We are finding weevils IN the's gross and I think it is MORE widespread than people are willing to either admit or complain about...or even worse, it is going unnoticed and we're all eating these things!!!

take the time and COMPLAIN to your supermarkets...the only way we force quality control is to mandate it ourselves!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Here are some fun signs in this country!

Here are some fun signs in this country! part TWO

this park is in Rexburg, can't make this stuff up...

plese KNOW that this is NO reference to Katrina. I recieved this picture as a gaffe about the Coast Guard and it in no way refers to Katrina since I received it before 2005.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why I changed my party affiliation

I am proud to be a democrat. This did not occur overnight, it was in fact, very difficult to decide. I had to decide within myself where I felt that I was. MY change had little to do with the present election or any President of either party. I cannot honestly tell you that it DIDN'T get some help from a few politicians in each direction, but that was not the deciding factor. I started to understand a lot of the consequences from the actions taken. I started to understand what the ramifications were of the bills and propositions that were being passed and how I was voting for them. I started to see how the Republicans stopped becoming themselves and lauded President Reagan as if he were a God. I respected President Reagan, but if I am to be successful in the military, I will be successful as a Winter and NOT as a Reagan surrogate. I need to make the most of my life through the family that my God gave me regardless if they feel the same way that I do, or whether they believe the same way that I do. We agree to disagree and we know that there are beliefs that we will not see the same way, and we have no desire to change that.

I was not always a Democrat and I was consistent in my beliefs. I was NOT aware that I was consistently wrong and uneducated about what I was voting for. That is no reflection of my parents. My parents were taught in the ways of their parents and they too see and have differences between their parenting styles and personal beliefs. It isn't right or wrong, it is simply different. It is a difference we learn to respect and leave it at that.

I was not understanding the whole picture. I did not see with my own eyes. I saw what people wanted me to see. I appeased people and told them what they wanted to hear. I had to learn the hard way to be true to who I am. I have made several problems for myself because of this both small and large and it has affected relationships, my marriage, my schooling, my mental and emotional growth. It has affected me in every facet of my life.

It took a person to show me that there are politicians who are willing to tell me what I did NOT want to hear. I did NOT convert solely for and because of Barack Obama. I was already leaning that way for the last 10 years. The more that I was able to see a new paradigm, the more I understood that dichotomy between the Repulican and Democratic parties and I understood more of what I hadn't before.

This may be a bit strong for evangelicals to accept. But those who are LDS may see how I have come to this change in my life.

D&C 29:36
36 And it came to pass that Adam, being tempted of the devil—for, behold, the devil was before Adam, for he rebelled against me, saying, Give me thine honor, which is my power; and also a third part of the ghosts of heaven turned he away from me because of their agency;

If you click on the title of this post, you will read an article regarding the plan of salvation and how our free agency is applied and how it came to be.

If we are to be more like Christ, we should want to understand his thought process. We are NEVER going to know as much as he does. We may never be remotely close to following his will in all that we do. He gave us free agency and we can choose of our own free will whether we choose to return to God's presence. The most obedient would go to Heaven and the glory would be unto God.

Satan’s plan of compulsion, whereby all would be safely conducted through the career of mortality, bereft of freedom to act and agency to choose, so circumscribed that they would be compelled to do right—that one soul would not be lost—was rejected; and the humble offer of Jesus the First-born—to assume mortality and live among men as their Exemplar and Teacher, observing the sanctity of man’s agency but teaching men to use aright that divine heritage—was accepted. The decision brought war, which resulted in the vanquishment of Satan and his angels, who were cast out and deprived of the boundless privileges incident to the mortal or second estate.

So what does this have to do with my desire to be democrat? It has EVERYTHING to do with that. When people commit abortions, when gays choose to get married, when we go to war and when people die of drugs, it all relied on our ability to handle things ourselves. Christ does not enjoy seeing the rampant crime that is being done. But he has to suffer it to be. It is the process of free agency. When we force people to follow what is right, we are following the Adversary's plan REGARDLESS of how correct they are or how they feel.

With the LDS Church insisting that marriage is solely heterosexual and they get very close to the lines between church and state by making phone calls and visits, they are uniting with those to make marriage solely for heterosexuals. In so doing, the LDS Church here in California is forcing compulsion in this matter to the extent that everyone in California, regardless of whether they are LDS or not, are now in accordance with LDS rules which dictate that marriage is ONLY for man and woman.

IF this happens, we are being forced to do what is right according to LDS faith and their rules. "We" is not JUST members of the LDS faith or the population of California, but we as in every person from San Francisco, CA to Bangor, ME. We are being taught that we MUST do what is right. Our free agency is no longer ours. While I appreciate the zeal of those in the LDS Church and the republican party who feel they need to enforce what is right as a statewide law. I am an (in)active LDS member who goes through the motions, there are somethings that simply do not work. This is one of those things.

I am not pro abortion or pro life. I am for free agency. That woman needs to make a choice and they must live with the consequences of that choice. If she decides to have sex, she needs to decide whether she will keep that child. She must also decide quickly because the longer she waits, her indecision becomes her decision. "You can choose a ready guide/In some celestial voice/If you choose not to decide/You still have made a choice" -Neil Pert (Freewill, Rush)
the more her free agency challenges and impacts the free agency of that fetus. As long as that fetus has a heartbeat, it also has its own free agency to consider.

If we could personify the fetus, who is to say that fetus would WANT to be a child to the mother whose more loose than a slot machine in Vegas? She has no job, she has 15 more credits in high school to go, she has no man by her side, she smokes or that something a fetus would voluntarily want to be born into? I doubt it. But she has to make that choice and she has to consider the best future for that fetus and be aware that THAT future may not include her. God, Christ, you and I all have to accept that she may or may not make the decision we would like her to make. It is what is part of free agency. If we force her to have kids, she may be a horrible mother, she may not...but the odds are not on her side. She still has no capability of paying the bills that will come her way and may not have anyone to really help her. We assume that people will step up and help. We NEED to stop doing that. It is NOT a guarantee, it is a blessing when it DOES happen. She may not have the resources or the money to take care of that child...She may do the right thing and have the child adopted. It is a choice she has to make.

I am not for or against guns. I am for gun safety and security checks because too much is at stake in regards of guns. We should have the responsibility to be able take care of guns in every way, because it is the person behind the gun that dictates the free agency of others if used errantly. I feel that we need to make the right choices in our lives in a self compelled way and we ought to do it of our own free will and NOT being forced into doing what is right. We are incapable of choosing the consequences, but if we deny ourselves from even having the right to choose, then the choice is already made for us as is the consequence. We do not have any input on either.

Gay people deserve to be happy. They make decisions that we disagree with, but if we force them to follow what WE feel is right, they are compulsed to do what is right according to a state law and a religious commandment that they do not agree with or believe in. It is about free agency. WE may not agree with free agency or gay marriage, but to keep the integrity of the free agency that Christ has offered us, we have to accept and maintain free agency for all people so that Christ's free agency gift is not compromised. The moment that we force people to do what WE want them to do, we have compromised their free agency. At that point, how are we any better than Che Guevara or Fidel Castro?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The DNC has been by and large extremely impressive and refreshing. They have given the Republican party a HUGE pass. They have not laid into McCain at all up till now and it is my hope that they continue! Tonight's attacks against McCain were mild and that is exactly where it ought to be!

The less attention we give to our opponents, and the more we focus on the issues and the points where we need to improve upon, the stronger we are as a nation. We need to focus on the strengths that we still have and work together regardless of party lines to assure the best results in this country regardless of the issue.

If we give CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets their fair share of soundbytes, then all this is worth are lonely worthless soundbytes instead of creating the foundation by which our nation can grow back to where we were before 2000.

If we want to be strong again, we, as a people have to come together and find the results and work towards the betterment of this country as a communicative country who are willing to look towards our future and learn from our errors in the past.

I am glad that we are not into mudslinging, because when the RNC comes about, that is going to be the strength of their convention. They will rest all of their comments on Obama and how they are more like Reagan than even Reagan was. As ironic as that sounds, I do not say that to mudsling. I have heard several Republican debates and more often than not, the focus was on bringing the past to the present with each candidate comparing himself tirelessly to Reagan and how they will continue on his legacy. I don't understand that mentality. You do not hear Obama telling people how he wants to be like JFK, or FDR or any other past Democrat Presidents. We may have seen some of the old school democrats providing talks, but they have been supportive and provide Obama with an overall support from past, present and future support.

Even now, Romney has been sent by the McCain staff to Denver to discount and flame Obama. I find it amusing that no real press is being provided to Romney. The 3-4 men who have been arrested in a murder plot against Obama have gotten more press than Romney.

Mark Warner (D-Virginia) provided a huge talk tonight and as a follow up to Michelle Obama's talk, we have so much to look forward to with Obama's talk coming on the same day as Martin Luther King's,"I Have A Dream" address at The National Mall!

Jericho Scott's pitching is good enough to scare a whole team!

Look, having played 11 years of baseball from the time I was five, I have seen my fair share of "Jericho Scotts"...there were pitchers that had my number and a lot more that didn't. When I was on a team called the Phillies, we took 2nd place and the ace was a kid named Paul...that boy had himself an arm, but the next year, he did NOT dominate the league as most expected he would...not sure if he stressed his arm, but he was never the same. Then there was a kid when I was 14 years old named Kevin Brown...HE was FAST...if he threw less than 70, it was a curve or a changeup...and I had the confidence to hit him, but I also knew that I had to choke up and get to the back of the box in order to see the ball as long as I could. I could get decent contact on foul balls, but that is costly unless you have 2 strikes best hit off him was a LONG fly out right at the fence....but it DID get his I had a great game that day and he thought he gave up a HR. While I flew out, I will die with the strong self confidence that I could hit off of him or any other kid in that league. I STILL go to the cages and I STILL can hit off of the 80 mph cages. I want to always hit well and keep up that skill regardless, so that I can teach my kids how to do the same. A good catch does NOT reflect in my ability to hit the ball off of an ace. I knew what I could do. I will teach Gabriel and Jasmine how to have that level of self confidence and assurance so they are capable of understanding with a clear and lucid mind, that they can hit off of any pitcher or pitch to any hitter and if that hitter or pitcher gets the best of them that day, then give that athlete their due credit and get to their level!

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE...if these kids, whose coach decided to close up shop and leave without practicing, were taught anything, it was how to quit. There is NOT a worse lesson in sports than to give up and quit. Little League is a place where you improve on your abilities and if YOU can't hit, you had better get your dad to pitch to you, or a brother, or an uncle or anybody you can get and if THAT doesn't work, 10-15 dollars will give you plenty of training! Get into the cages, get into the game.

Baseball is a beautiful game because even these kids in self-entitled USA, will HAVE to realize, is that baseball DEMANDS work, persistance, self confidence and several other traits. NOTHING will get your self confidence up like hitting off of the ace! These kids need desperately to be shown Kirk Gibson's matchups with Goose Gossage and more important, Dennis Eckersley. Eck was a FORCE...that man did NOT have K-Rod's need to have men on base..he would get everyone out and his 47 saves were indicative of how vicious he was. When Eckersley got on the mound, it was LIGHTS OUT..Dodger fans everywhere were VERY concerned, it was over. We knew who was coming up and who was in the hole, we knew Kirk was NOT an option...and yet once Eckersley had his own oversight by walking Mike Davis, we saw the impossible occur. Lo and behold, Kirk Gibson comes out of the dugout as the pinch hitter. Kirk was NOT intimidated by Eckersley, he hit a very important HR against Gossage 4 years prior, this situation was made for him, not all of us had that same faith as Gibby's knees were shot and we got a very good sign of that from a foul ball that he tried to run out. Gibby got the ball he wanted and jacked it over the right field wall. What was he doing before that???


Monday, August 18, 2008

Some people never learn

Jenn Stuczynski could definitely take a page out of Alain Bedard's book on trash talking. In both cases, the one who talks, is the one who paid the price. You would think on day 11 after over a week or two from when Bedard decided to challenge Phelps and the Americans that he planned on smashing, OUR athletes would think twice before pulling the same crap. Sadly, no...we succomb to the same pressure and Stuczynski is talking about beating some Russian butt??? really? wow, wonders WILL never cease. I generally vote for the US in most situations, but in this case, I did not feel bad and actually laughed, even momentarily at Stuczynski's naivete due to the circumstance and irony.

We need to let our actions speak volumes above our own voices.

selected quotes from JOHN LEICESTER, AP Olympics Columnist,

"Yelena Isinbayeva got the Olympic gold and a world record; American Jenn Stuczynski got the silver and a lesson in humility."

Isinbayeva is Russian but she understands English just fine. The greatest women’s pole vaulter of all time heard Stuczynski’s challenge loud and clear.

“I am not deaf,” she said. “It made me really angry.”

So Stuczynski gives Isinbayeva some locker room material. Stuczynski's underwhelming prediction not only ticks off Isinbayeva, but now Yelena has some extra drive and turns on the stove and bakes the competition. While Stuczynski was able to achieve 4.80 metres (15-9), Yelena achieved 4.85 to win and all of a sudden it turned into the Yelena show when they raised the beam to new heights at 5.05 (16-6 3/4) and Yelena hit it on the last of her 3 tries.

"Isinbayeva tried not to be smug. She had done what she had set out to do: let her vaulting do the talking.

'I just wanted to prove who is the best at the Olympic Games.'

But she couldn’t resist one last little dig

'She must respect me and … know her position,' she said.

'Now she knows it.'"

No, Yelena, the whole world now knows it and is celebrating with you!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spain Spain Spain....remember...the intent is NOT the same as the impact..act accordingly

I will not condone or show the picture of these knuckleheads making these gestures. I do not want to give them any more press than necessary because it is appalling.

"In the past the Spanish have been left in no doubt as to the sensitivity of racial issues internationally, especially since Spain's football manager, Luis Aragonés, made his infamous remark about Thierry Henry, monkey chants greeted England's football players in a friendly game in Madrid and the formula one driver Lewis Hamilton was subjected to abuse in Barcelona." -Sid Lowe The Guardian, Monday August 11 2008, Article history

During the World Cup games in Germany, racism was a VERY prominent concern for FIFA and officials from every country participating but more among the fans than by the actual athletes..

China bans black people during the olympics from drinking!

For a country with the motto of One World, One Dream...we recognize with all of these examples that we are still a LONG way away from recognizing the need to respect people in general as well as their cultures.

Regardless of how much affection the Spanish teams may want to use as their excuse to having accepted this stint, it is deplorable and embarrassing and China had every right to boo them with enthusiasm. Pau Gasol said,"it was “absurd” people were calling the gesture racist.

“We never intended anything like that,” he said.

Mr. Gasol, intent does not equal impact. Everyone who was offended was within their right to do so. To do what you did sir, regardless of your reasoning, was in poor taste. It is surprising that NOBODY stood up to think that this might offend someone.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Alain Bernard, Kharma was NOT on your side!

I have to say that while swimming has not been of complete interest to me since watching my friends swim meets at Troy High over 15 years ago...until last night. In stunning form, we all witnessed world wide the biggest relay race in a long time. Most people would NOT care about this race had it not been for Alain Bernard's brash comment that they would SMASH the US team. Well Alain, it would have done you some good to talk with our boy Jim Rome and actually GET YOURSELF SOME POSITIVE KHARMA before throwing down that befuddled prediction. What happened instead, was a smashing, but it was your expressions that told the story better than anybody else could. The sports gods got involved, KHARMA TURNED and you provided locker room motivation for the US team. Lezak and Phelps made sure that you would eat your words and ...I might ask how it tastes..but again, I saw the look on your face and it spoke volumes. Need more salt?

what was the price of your prediction?

how about 1) an individual world record? 2) a team world record? and 3) what of your pride and that of your team right about now?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


OK...YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND...germaphobes are beyond lysol...they can be outright offensive and their OCD wears on their family and friends more than people are willing to here you just liked being clean...well being clean has gone to your head...LITERALLY!

Cleanliness Rules Germaphobes' Lives
Germaphobes are obsessed with sanitation and feel compelled to clean excessively, but they're really suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

By Leanna Skarnulis
WebMD Feature

Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD

In the Monk TV series, gentle detective Adrian Monk works the grimy streets of San Francisco but is so driven by a fear of germs that he must scrub his hands after shaking hands with someone. Monk has been called the "poster boy" for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). In fact, in an informal survey conducted by the Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation, OCD patients said they liked the character, who triumphs even when his condition interferes with his ability to do his work.

Monk is a "germaphobe," the popular name for people who become obsessed with germs and dirt and feel compelled to act out rituals of washing and cleaning. Real people with this condition include the late Howard Hughes and Saddam Hussein, who reportedly often ordered visitors to strip and wash with antibacterial soap.

True germaphobes have OCD, which can take various forms. For example, some people with OCD are "checkers." They're obsessed with a fear of losing control of aggressive urges, and their anxiety can be relieved only by checking something, such as whether a burner on the stove has been turned off. Hoarding, counting, and praying are some other manifestations of the disease. People often have multiple forms of OCD.

What Causes the Compulsion to Wash?

OCD is believed to be caused by an abnormality in the brain's circuitry. Brain scans show brain activity is different in people with OCD. There's probably a genetic component as well, especially when OCD begins in childhood. One-third to one-half of adults with OCD say their illness started in childhood or adolescence.

Why someone with the disease is compelled to wash, as opposed to check or count or hoard, isn't known. What's true with all types of OCD is that a compulsion is acted out to relieve anxiety produced by an obsessive, intrusive thought. For example, a woman accidentally cuts herself, washes the wound, puts antibacterial ointment on it, and bandages it. That should be that, but an anxious feeling and thought intrude: what if microscopic germs remain? She knows it's irrational, but she's compelled to wash the cut again in order to relieve the anxiety. She may have to repeat the act over and over.

When Is Cleanliness a Problem?

Every office has its neat freak. Maybe it's the woman who cleans her cubicle every morning and keeps everything arranged just so. Is she just a perfectionist or is she driven by OCD? It can be hard to tell at first because OCD is a secretive illness, says Mary Guardino. She is the executive director of Freedom From Fear, the national mental illness advocacy organization she founded in Staten Island, N.Y., in 1984. "When you first meet her, you notice how nice and organized and clean everything is. But she may be hiding her rituals. If she heard a co-worker got the flu, she'd fear she might have touched something that person handled, so she'll sneak into the bathroom to wash."

Guardino says a clinician looks for these signs of OCD:

The obsession with contamination is gradually taking over the person's life and actions.
The individual engages in ritual cleaning or washing at least one hour a day.
Acting out the rituals is done to relieve anxiety.
The person knows the obsession with germs is foolish but feels compelled to wash or clean over and over.
"People who have OCD really don't want to be that way," Guardino tells WebMD. On the other hand, people who have obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), which is less serious than OCD, pride themselves on being neat freaks. Felix Unger, of The Odd Couple, for example. "It didn't bother Felix that he ran around with a paper towel and Windex. It bothered Oscar. Also Felix probably didn't clean a surface over and over. He thought his behavior was appropriate because he needed to have things perfect. He didn't want to change."

Treatment With Medication and Therapy

The most effective treatment combines medication, usually one of several antidepressants, and a form of cognitive behavioral therapy called "response prevention" or "exposure and response therapy."

"The object of response prevention therapy is to delay implementation of the ritual," says Guardino, whose expertise and advocacy grew out of her own 25-year battle with anxiety and depression. "The longer you delay it, you will get slowly over time a decrease in the anxiety to enact the ritual."

For example, the therapist might tell a patient that after washing her hands once, she must wait 15 minutes before washing them again. Gradually the length of time is increased until the patient can wash just once without feeling compelled to wash again. Successful treatment produces a change in brain activity and, for most patients, at least partial remission of the disease.

The Role of Family Members

Families often make the mistake of enabling loved ones with OCD. "A man who sees his wife cleaning the house three or four hours a day may at first think he's got the world's greatest wife," says Guardino. "But over time he sees her energy level go down, she's irritable, and there's something bizarre about her cleaning. So he reads about OCD on WebMD and gets her into treatment."

Family members can play an important role in carrying out response prevention treatment prescribed by a therapist. "After dinner, the wife jumps up to clear the table and get the bleach, but the husband tells her, 'Sit down for half an hour, we're listening to Mozart,'" says Guardino. "In the morning he says, 'I'm throwing my pajamas on the floor and I want them there when I get home tonight."

Thursday, July 31, 2008


CRAZY....IN A WORD, it is more than I can even express.

Let's start with Aussie Jake Brown. Last year, Jake Brown took the infamous 50 foot drop onto the hardwood of the ramp. He broke his leg and limped off, it was unheard of that he walked away from that drop. It is the equivalent of falling off of a 2-3 story house and for the better part coming away unscathed...the fact that he left with only a broken leg, was fortunate at least and rather most know, the majority of skaters are able to get their knees out in order to absorb the force and transfer that inertia down the ramp...

THIS year, Jake Brown came back and ran THE SAME RUN that he had last year and NAILED IT...THEN on his second run, he even improved on was sick and INCREDIBLY ADMIRABLE considering what he went through last year...which brings us to Danny Way and HIS injury TODAY...this just happened...

Danny got his run and on the first jump tried to backflip unsucessfully. He went back up the ramp for run #2 at which he nailed the first 360 jump but as he did the 540 melon and got roughly 19 feet of airtime off the lip, on his way back down, his shins caught the lip and he went down hard...he was motionless at first as medical checked him out. he WALKED off the ramp under his own power although there were chairs offered...that is not the Danny Way...then the Doc, frustrated by even having to ask, did so asking Danny not to run again as he broke his leg and more than probable, did some decent damage to his ankles and collarbone, back and chest...

So he runs the EXACT same run he had before, in Jake Brown style and LANDS IT HUGE enough to grab the lead...

Danny Way is UP for Run #4....he has medical on himself again...he has hit his head...his legs are moving which is a positive side. His feet and arms are moving appropriately...Danny sits up and is moving his head well...Danny Way is amazing...he walks off...he did a varial and whipped his head. Danny Way may not know when to stop, but you can't help to appreciate his ferocity and intensity and insistence to go through all 5 runs knowing full well, that he trained all year for this only to end up in 2nd or 3rd at best.

Jake Brown on his 4th run....went for the 720...unsuccessful..but safely slides downramp..

Brasileiro Bob Burnquist attempts the front flip, but was unsuccessful on this attempt. He is leading the field at the moment.

Danny Way is here for Run 5....this is happening now as I am...YOU CANNNT FREAKIN BELIEVE IT BABY!!!!


Jake Brown's 5th run was unsuccessful, but take nothing away..a Bronze for a guy who shouldn't even BE here...fantastic effort..

Bob Burnquist turns up the heat with a a 180 ollie and at the ramp Indy 360 at 20 feet and lands it nicely! brazilian Bob Burnquist hits 96.00 the highest Xgames score EVER for the big air...well done Roberto...bem feito mesmo!

Manny Manny we will have to get used to thee

It is going to take a while to get used to you in Blue...Hit us a HR or 22 and we'll forgive you for being a Red Sox too.

ManRam in Hollywood...I guess it could be good...The Diamondbacks will start crying like they should..

hitting .500 will not get you a playoff spot AZ, so the Dodgers getting past them should be easy!

Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Juan Pierre, throw Manny's bat in the mix and we're already there.

Welcome to Chavez Ravine, Manny make sure you are not heard but seen. The only thing we want to hear from you is the crack of the bat and the stomp of the plate..that way we can victoriously leave the gates.

It's been 20 years since the men in Blue have seen a ring. It may not be this year, we need Nomar back too, but next year watch out NL, The Blue Crew will be back to dominate the NL and AL too!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a sick state of affairs....

Look, I have seen a trend that should worry the majority of America...whether it does or not is rather personal...but I found it to be rather disturbing and I cannot help but see the pattern duplicate itself on a rather large scale...I don't care what religion you are as this transcends through all of them..even the LDS faith..

This generation, besides being the playstation/xbox generation, is also one that has become a self entitled generation. They do not EARN the respect that they DEMAND from their parents. They EXPECT to receive certain things and will CRY and complain till they get it...regardless of the consequences. They MUST be entertained constantly. Parents have GIVEN UP almost completely as it is easier to give in, than to fight their kids incessant whining and complaining.

We will not hit our kids in this new politically correct (PC) world we live in. We are unafraid by our kids CPS threats, HOWEVER, there are cameras and we respect that we cannot and will not raise our children as we were raised, even though, the way we were raised was large in part..CORRECT. We are lazy parents as a result giving into things we would never give in to otherwise. We do understand the difficulty of getting our kids back if the SLIGHTEST thing were to go wrong...we fear losing our children to the government on a daily basis while we have done nothing wrong...not even fact, we ought to do more, but we fear that by doing more we risk negligence in acts of commission OR worse, omission.

It is NOT that we have any intention or interest IN hitting our kids OR that hitting them is even an appropriate answer or response. We DO love our kids, however, we are being taken advantage of and the power and influence has shifted. We are negotiating with 3 year olds when we NEVER had that capacity when WE were 3 years old. My opinion barely mattered till I was about 7 or 8...and even then, could be dismissed for being a kid. At school, teachers can report cases and will even though they themselves may not even HAVE kids...and therefore lack the understanding of what a parent might be going through in particular situations BECAUSE the empathy cannot exist in that teachers CAN impose in a situation where they think they have all of the answers and not. We understand that their actions are in good intentions, however, they impose on OUR ability to teach our OWN kids what is right from wrong in the name of what is best for the kids.

All this aside, we are responsible for all of this that we have created. Kids cannot go to the park and even have a catch with their old man, because he is watching TV...or is on the PC (lol...quiet you!)..or is out with friends...OR involved in his addictions..whether it is movies, music, porn or whatever else is keeping him from being productive...the mother is too busy being pissed at the husband for not cleaning up after himself, as well as not playing with kids etc etc...and the kids ...God bless them through all of this dysfunction...are either playing xbox/playstation or are watching something on TV that may not even be age appropriate...

Now there are exceptions to this scenario...or even variations...maybe it is the wife who is victimized by addictions..whether light or heavy..maybe the husband works a different shift or works longer hours...OR maybe the husband is the housemaker as that is happening at a higher rate now....regardless...the kids are not playing baseball, or any other sport, there are no activities and the kids are getting bruised thumbs from the iPods, game controls and whatever else they are involved in...

so how did this get this way? Well mommies have to work...they didn't do all that schooling for would be a waste...can't have that...NOW...UNDERSTAND that there are women who must work out of necessity as single mothers...but how did they become single mothers? divorced? really? what caused it? His porn addiction? the results of that addiction? or her involvement at work or all of the above?

kids are NOT getting the exercise they need, this country is as fat as it has EVER been....people even justify their liking of BBWs when 20 years ago, being overweight was is part of life...while medical conditions CAN be a part of that...they STILL lead sedentary lifestlyles and their kids pay the price and parents, I can only guess, feel that their kids get their exercise at why do it again? The parents are busy, bills to pay, errands to run...

funny because the baby boomers DO get out of the house and they took us to OUR games! Now we phone it in and take our kids to the game and pick them up when their done?!

The inner city has a MAJOR challenge with baseball, adults are NOT being able to afford a better life and are working 13 hour days to pay for the simplest things in life and yes, this economy sucks...but we had NO problem finding 20 bucks (or more) for Batman's latest which made over 300 million in 10 the gas it took everyone to get there...just a bigger screen!

While I can understand people's frustration at going to ballgames to support these rich athletes, they are fun and enjoyable...if you don't go for you, at least go for your kids...and for those of us who have swing or graveyard shifts...make the most of the time you have during the day with your kids...

LISTEN TO THE WIFE. Now I have not been one to follow this very well..and it HAS COST ME...when I helps me...novel concept...

don't lie to one another and have your disagreements away from your kids as they can impose guilt on themselves for these fights..and it can play on their own emotional growth and development.

You DO have free agency...but your actions can hold your free agency captive and the only way you get it back is by doing the right thing when it has to be done, regardless of what it is.

Take your kids to the them that they exist beyond the walls of your home.

Date your wife. You need it and so does she. More than you will ever know! Take care of her as well...manicures and pedicures may seem like expenses...but you sure didn't complain last grateful that she WANTS to look good for you!

Get your butt off of the sofa, Tivo it if you must...but go do something YOUR dad would have done with you OR that you would like to have done and think your kids would like to do...

take a freaking interest in your kids schoolwork and understand what their needs and wants you even know who your children are? Do you recognize how YOUR actions influence them?

I am not saying this to anybody but myself....but if you need the butt kicking...then do for your kids what I must do for my own...

We are not perfect...don't beat yourself up too much but..don't justify anything either...own it and move on!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Longest All Star Game Ever Held at The House That Ruth Built

At a record time of 4 hours and 50 minutes and 15 innings of length, Michael Young's Sacrifice flyball allowed Justin Morneau to score in the bottom of the 15th inning, giving the AL their 12th straight win in as many years.

The house that Ruth built is set to be closed down due to the construction of the new stadium being built on the opposite side of the street. It is only fitting that the All Star game be held in Gotham City this year AND that the game would be as good as it was. It was NOT just the game itself, but the Home Run contest the night before where Josh Hamilton hit 28 homeruns in the first round alone and 35 altogether even though Justin Morneau ended up stealing that from Josh as well. Even though this all star break ended up being more about Justin Morneau, it really was more about Josh Hamilton and his incredible feat of 35 homeruns only to not get the title...equally admirable was having his All Region Coach Counsil throwing BP to him. At the young age of 71, who is to question Counsil's ability to throw BP with 35 HRs as a result?

I was thoroughly excited with the game as well as the festivities at this year's HR contest. I felt bad about Dan Uggla who had himself a rough day...shake it off's just a game! Well, I never got a chance to go to Yankee Stadium...I feel a little bad about that...but my hope is that I do get a chance to get to the new stadium at some point in my life. I am not sure I am willing to drop 65 large on a seat at the very last Yankee game this year and I don't have 265 bucks to go to the cheapest seat...let alone the flight to NYC...but neither does anyone else these I plan on watching it from the same sofa as everyone elses...the one at home with a drink and a burger hoping that the Yanks win...not because I am a Yank fan...but every home team should win that game...there IS a feeling within that says that the sports Gods may even allow the Yanks to rebound and get into the playoffs JUST for that reason...they have their work cut out for themselves with the Sox and Rays playing MUCH better than they are...but then...crazier things have happened in 28 first round HRs and a the longest All Star game to boot!

Josh Hamilton Hits 28 HRs in ONE round!

you have to see this...he hits a 518 foot HR, a 504 ft HR and a 502 ft HR...among several others!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008


It is always a good thing to see USC drafted higher than UCLA regardless of what UCLA has...or how far they went in March Madness....USC may never get the same respect in basketball as UCLA because of Wooden and all that is UCLA Basketball..but that is what makes it all the nicer to get a player drafted higher than the Bruins...Only Westphal has done it before Mayo, so it is good to see it happen again!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Congratulations Fresno State on your First NCAA World Series Championship

click on the title to read the story....but regardless of the is ALWAYS cool to beat up on the SEC and all the better that it was a California school giving Georgia the beat down...and it was! It was a shutout till the 8th inning before a solo HR broke it up! It is the BIGGEST Cinderella team EVER regardless of the sport..Fresno State was the LOWEST ranked team in the tournament and went up against the best teams in the country...(6)Rice, (2)North Carolina, (4)Arizona State, (19)LB State, (9)San Diego, and (8)Georgia.

To the best of my knowledge, at NO point were they EVER on the top 25 -30 teams in the country throughout the year...sometimes the WAC teams go underrated...but with teams like Boise St winning in Football against Oklahoma, Hawaii going undefeated and playing at Georgia and Fresno State winning their first NCAA title in a man's sport not to mention playing my SC Trojans as hard as they did a few years NOT take these teams lightly...YES Hawaii DID get humbled by Georgia in their BCS bowl, but the WAC has established itself more so now than MID MAJOR conference has had 2 BCS bowls and a NCAA World Series in a 3 year run. That is UNHEARD OF. So, my hat goes off to the Bulldogs for kicking Georgia Bulldogs in the teeth!

So what are you?? I don't need to know...but maybe YOU DO!

Sometimes, we THINK that we're Republicans or we get ticked with the way things are today with Iraq, Gas Prices, immorality of today, Drug war, etc..and we wonder if we are Republican or Democrat or sometimes we don't really even fit in either??

well...instead of just accepting 1 of the 2 because you fear throwing your vote away....AT LEAST know what party you belong to...

you can obviously vote for whoever you want either that you don't feel that vote is getting thrown away...but at least know what party your beliefs belong to...

By clicking on the post, there is a 10 question quiz that maybe more telling than you thought!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

gas stations cry over credit card fees


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Easy Crab Cakes

Easy Crab Cakes

2 pouches of Chicken of the sea Crab (3.53 oz)
2 Tbs finely chopped red bell pepper
2 Tbs finely chopped green onion
2 Tbs mayo (substitute lite mayo?)*
2 Tsp lemon juice
1/4 Tsp seasoned salt
1/4 Tsp garlic powder
1 dash cayenne powder
1 med. egg beaten
2/3 C. seasoned breadcrumbs
3 Tbs butter (lighter substitute?)*

In bowl, combine red peppers, green onions, mayo, lemon juice, seasoned salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. Stir in the 2 pouches of crab, egg and 1/3 cup breadcrumbs (mixture may be sticky). Divide and form into 4 balls. Roll crab balls in remaining breadcrumbs; flatten into cakes about 1/2 inch thick. In skillet, melt butter over medium heat. Fry (bake?*) crab cakes 3 to 4 minutes per side or until golden brown. Makes 4 servings.

Prep time: 10 min cook time: 8 mins

* items are for alternate measures to make the crab cakes more healthy...but is completely optional...if they (alternative crab cakes) turn out well ...let me know! I am not sure if you CAN bake them instead of frying, I imagine you COULD in a toaster oven, but I am not sure how long to bake them or at what temp...that is the experiment part!

After living in Maryland, I learned to LOVE these...and if your kids want to make REAL crabby patties...well here you go!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Marine-ated Grilled Tuna

For Harvey Walden's
Marine-ated Grilled Tuna:

1 thick tuna steak
Pinch of salt and freshly ground
black pepper
1 tablespoon light soy sauce

Zest and juice of 2 limes
Olive oil spray

Place the tuna in a shallow dish and season with the salt and pepper.
Mix the soy sauce, lime zest and juice, chili pepper, and ginger in a small bowl and pour over the tuna. Leave to soak for 30 minutes.
Preheat a nonstick grill pan over medium-high heat and lightly coat with olive oil spray.
Place the tuna steak gently in the pan when it is very hot and cook quickly for 2 to 3 minutes on each side. DON'T overcook.
Great with a small, green leaf salad, maybe with a touch of vinaigrette if you have done your exercises thoroughly.

Non conference slates continue to weaken

April 14, 2008

Mike Huguenin College Football Editor

It's time to face facts: College basketball is over and we're 135 days away from the first college football game of the season.

Brian Kelly and Cincinnati play three road games against non-BCS conference opponents.
In other words, it's time to panic. Now you have to spend time with your family, read a book, clean out the garage, do yard work or focus more intently on your job.

But we're here to help. It might be four-plus months away from the start of the football season, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start breaking down 2008 schedules.

Today, we're breaking down each league. Tuesday, we'll look at the 12 most embarrassing non-conference games of the season. Wednesday, we'll look at the 12 best non-conference games of the season. We agree that it might be a tad early to look four-plus months down the road. But given the alternative …

Two things: First, we will be referring to games against "Division I-AA" teams even though the NCAA now refers to that division as the "Football Championship Subdivision." Given that the NCAA has far more important matters to worry about than changing the nomenclature of its football divisions, we still use the "I-AA" moniker as a sort of silent protest. Second, while Notre Dame isn't a member of a "Big Six" league, we are including the Irish when we talk about "Big Six" schools.

Here's a league-by-league look at each league's non-conference schedules.


2008: 51 games
2007: 41 games
2006: 47 games
2005: 31 games
NOTE: Starting in 2006, teams were allowed to play 12 regular-season games.
*Connecticut (3)
East Carolina (4)
Florida International (3)
Florida Atlantic (3)
Fresno State (3)
Hawaii (4)
Louisiana-Monroe (3)
Marshall (3)
Middle Tennessee (4)
Navy (5)
*Notre Dame (10)
Troy (3)
UCF (3)
*USC (3)
*Syracuse (3)
*Wake Forest (3)
Western Kentucky (4)
*Florida State
*Georgia Tech
*Texas Tech
Western Kentucky
Air Force
*Texas Tech
NOTES: This is the third season in a row Texas Tech is on this list. This is the second season in a row for Arizona, Indiana and Minnesota. It's the second time in three seasons for Wisconsin.
NOTE: Last season, there were eight teams with eight home games, and four of those were from the SEC, two from the Pac-10, one from the Big Ten and one from the Big East.
Arkansas State
Bowling Green
Central Michigan
Eastern Michigan
Fresno State
Kent State
Middle Tennessee
North Texas
Ohio U.
Western Kentucky
Western Michigan
NOTE: Last season, there were 22 teams with five home games, with two of those (Duke and Florida State) from "Big Six" leagues.
Vanderbilt at Miami University, Aug. 28
Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech, Aug. 30
Minnesota at Bowling Green, Sept. 6
West Virginia at East Carolina, Sept. 6
Maryland at Middle Tennessee, Sept. 6
Texas Tech at Nevada, Sept. 6
Texas A&M at New Mexico, Sept. 6
Connecticut at Temple, Sept. 6
USF at UCF, Sept. 6
Texas at UTEP, Sept. 6
UCLA at BYU, Sept. 13
Wisconsin at Fresno State, Sept. 13
Arizona at New Mexico, Sept. 13
Stanford at TCU, Sept. 13
USF at Florida International, Sept. 20
Iowa State at UNLV, Sept. 20
Cincinnati at Akron, Sept. 27
Oregon State at Utah, Oct. 2
Cincinnati at Marshall, Oct. 3
Louisville at Memphis, Oct. 10
Washington State at Hawaii, Nov. 29
Cincinnati at Hawaii, Dec. 6

*— signifies member of "Big Six" leagueACC: The league gets the ignominious honor of being the league whose members are playing the most games against Division I-AA opponents, with 14. Every league team except Wake Forest is playing a I-AA foe, and – shame, shame – Clemson, Florida State and Georgia Tech are playing two each. The flipside is that the ACC gets to boast that its members are playing far more non-conference games against "Big Six" schools than any other "Big Six" league, with 23. Every league school is playing at least one such opponent. Nine of the 12 league members – all but Boston College, Maryland and Virginia Tech – are playing at least two such games, and Wake Forest and North Carolina are playing three.

Big East: There are seven non-conference games against I-AA members, with each league school expect for Pittsburgh playing one such game. The Big East is second among "Big Six" leagues with 16 non-conference games against fellow "Big Six" members. Each league member has one such game, and Connecticut and Syracuse have three each. Louisville is one of just four schools nationally with eight home games this season.

Big Ten: League members have nine games against I-AA schools, with all but Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue partaking. Big Ten teams are playing just 13 non-conference games against "Big Six" schools – the lowest total among all the conferences. Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin are playing zero non-conference games against "Big Six" programs. Of note: Big Ten teams are playing 13 games against MAC schools, with each league team except Iowa playing one and Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota playing two each. Indiana also is one of the four schools nationally with eight home games this season.

Big 12: There are 10 games against I-AA teams. Each league team has at least one of those – Texas Tech has two – except for Nebraska, Texas and Texas A&M. There also are 15 games against other "Big Six" programs; every league school has at least one except for Texas Tech. Baylor has three such games. Nebraska is the only Big 12 school with eight home games this season.

Pac-10: Give it up for the Pac-10, which has just two games against I-AA opposition, by far the lowest of any league. (Arizona State and Washington State are the only league teams playing I-AA foes.) There also are 14 games against other "Big Six" schools; every league team except Arizona is playing at least one and USC is playing three. Of note: Stanford is the only "Big Six" school with just five home games this season.

SEC: There are nine games against I-AA foes, with each league team except for Alabama, Tennessee and Vanderbilt playing one such game. There are 15 games against other "Big Six" opponents, with each league school playing at least one such game except for LSU. LSU also is one of the schools with eight home games in '08.


Conference USA: The league has seven games against I-AA opponents and 23 against "Big Six" foes. Each of the league's 12 schools has at least one game against a "Big Six" foe, with East Carolina having four and Marshall and UCF three each. ECU, Marshall, Memphis, UCF and UTEP each have one home game against a "Big Six" opponent.

Mid-American: There are eight games against I-AA opponents. But the MAC can crow about its 28 games against "Big Six" programs, the most of any league (13 of those are against Big Ten schools). Four of those 28 will be on MAC campuses – at Akron, Bowling Green, Miami and Temple. But eight of the 13 league members have just five home games: Akron, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Kent State, Ohio University, Temple and Western Michigan.

Mountain West: There are seven games against I-AA schools, with each MWC team except New Mexico and UNLV playing one such game. There are 14 games against "Big Six" schools, with every league school involved in at least one except Air Force. Six of those "Big Six" opponents will be playing on a MWC campus, with New Mexico playing host to two such opponents and BYU, TCU, UNLV and Utah playing host to one each.

Sun Belt: There are five games against I-AA opponents, with provisional member Western Kentucky playing two of those. There also are 26 games against "Big Six" members, the second-most of any league. Each Sun Belt team is playing at least two "Big Six" opponents; Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky are playing four each, and Florida International, Florida Atlantic, Louisiana-Monroe and Troy are playing three each. Each of the league's nine members have just five home games, with FIU and Middle Tennessee the only league schools playing host to a "Big Six" member (USF is at FIU and Maryland is at MTSU).

Western Athletic: There are seven games against I-AA schools, with Fresno State and Utah State the only WAC schools not involved in such a game. There also are 17 games against "Big Six" members, with every league school playing at least one such game; Hawaii has four and Fresno three. Hawaii has two home games against "Big Six" schools, and Fresno, Louisiana Tech and Nevada have one each. In all, though, Fresno has just five home games this season.

Independents: Army and Navy each play one game against I-AA schools. Those two plus Notre Dame will play 17 games against "Big Six" opponents, with Army playing two, Navy five and Notre Dame 10. Navy has just five home games.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let's assure that Hillary never "Misspeaks" again!

McCain may be a military man...but most military families have NO desire to LIVE in Iraq on any military base. You have to guess that under McCain's century long plan in Iraq..that a base cannot be far offbase (pun intended).

4000 soldiers and sailors are dead many have to pass away before this war becomes silly? we support all of the military and understand that they are following direct orders to continue, but they are well aware of the situation at hand as well.

What will be the final cost? at this moment, it is over 3 trillion dollars..when is it simply ENOUGH?


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Leave it up to the Clintons to redefine what a LIE is...

so what happens if you MISSPEAK in court?

What happens if you MISSPEAK on your presidential campaign?

What happens if you Misspeak anywhere???

Do we rename the LIE detector as the Misspeaking detector?

Did Judas misspeak?

Thou shalt not "misspeak"?

This changes EVERYTHING!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Well that is, if you are from Southern California. If you're from the Bay Area, you are not sure how everything happened. At the Galen Center, USC had a decisive lead with roughly 2 minutes left when Cal goes on a 10-0 run to get into range with USC. USC and Cal fouled each other all the way throughout the game with Eric Vierneisel, Patrick Christopher and Randle fouling out for Cal. Davon jefferson was the sole eviction for USC. USC opened up OT and had a 10-2 run before Cal answered back and came as close as 3 points away before losing by 4. While USC gave Cal as many opportunities as they were willing to receive, Cal continually gave those back to USC who did take advantage more often than not.

Across the way in Westwood, Stanford had a lead for the better part of the game up until 40 seconds to go in the 2nd quarter. The only time UCLA had a lead was early in the first half at 2-0. They didn't see the lead again until they forced OT due to Collison's free throws 4 seconds away from regulation from a controversial foul by Lawrence Hill. In OT, UCLA made it happen 7-2 in OT and took a decisive lead with 35.2 seconds at 75-65. Stanford was not able to shut down a very strong UCLA offense. Collison and Love were strong all night combining for 39 pts. While the end of the Stanford/UCLA game was not as close as the SC game, UCLA had to scratch and claw in order to even get into OT, so you have got to love their chances in the dance and the upcoming PAC10 tourney.

Friday, February 29, 2008

The Steelwells ROCK!

Here is some good information for this band! The Steelwellians United is the community page on both and on Orkut. Check out the Steelwellians new EP called The Open Letter!

Monday, February 04, 2008




Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brasil E'

01. O único país do mundo onde se pode abastecer simultaneamente um carro com Álcool, Gasolina e gás. Tudo isso, com tecnologia nacional;
02. Que seremos o primeiro país do mundo a desenvolver o biodiesel à base de mamona. Novamente tecnologia nacional. Será a redenção do Nordeste, pois a mamona é praga por lá e a PETROBRAS já está começando desenvolver o sistema produtivo;

03. Que as fábricas mais modernas de produção de automóvel (General Motors, Mercedes Benz e FIAT) e Volks Caminhões, também estão aqui;
04. E entre outras coisas, a PETROBRAS é a única empresa do mundo a deter a tecnologia completa de produção de petróleo em águas profundas;
And among other things, PETROBRAS is the only company in the world to

05. As empresas produtoras de aço estão em sua capacidade máxima instalada;

06. Finalmente os Estados Unidos renderam-se a qualidade de nossos aviões (EMBRAER) e vão adquirir aviões altamente especializados para Treinamento de sua força aeronáutica.

Os dados são da Antropos Consulting:

01. O BRASIL é o país que tem tido maior sucesso no combate à AIDS e outras doenças sexualmente transmissíveis, e vem sendo exemplo mundial.
Brasil is the frontrunner on AIDS and other STDs and is seen as an example.

02. O BRASIL é o único país do hemisfério sul que está participando do Projeto Genoma.

Brasil is the only country in the southern hemisphere participating in the Genova Project.

03. Numa pesquisa envolvendo 50 cidades de diversos países, a cidade do Rio de Janeiro, acusada por violência, foi considerada a mais solidária.

04. Nas eleições de 2000, o sistema do Tribunal Regional Eleitoral (TRE) estava informatizado em todas as regiões do Brasil, com resultados em menos de 24 horas depois do início das apurações. O modelo chamou a atenção de uma das maior es potências mundiais: os Estados Unidos, onde a apuração dos votos teve que ser refeita várias vezes, atrasando o resultado e colocando em xeque a credibilidade do processo.

05. Mesmo sendo um país em desenvolvimento, os internautas brasileiros representam uma fatia de 40% do mercado na América Latina.

06. No BRASIL, há 14 fábricas de veículos instaladas e outras 4 se instalando enquanto alguns países vizinhos não possui nenhuma.

07. Das crianças e adolescentes entre 7 a 14 anos, 97,3% estão estudando, hoje!!!.

08. O mercado de telefones celulares do BRASIL é o segundo do mundo, com 650 mil novas habilitações a cada mês.

09. Na telefonia fixa, o país ocupa a quinta posição em número de linhas instaladas.

10. Das empresas brasileiras, 6.890 possuem certificado de qualidade ISO 9000, maior número entre os países em desenvolvimento. No México, são apenas 300 empresas e 265 na Argentina.

11. O BRASIL é o segundo maior mercado de jat os e helicópteros executivos.

Por que esse vício de só falar mal do Brasil?

01. Por que não se orgulhar em dizer que o mercado editorial de livros é maior do que o da Itália, com mais de 50 mil títulos novos a cada ano?

02. Que o BRASIL tem o mais moderno sistema bancário do planeta?

03. Que as agências de publicidade ganham os melhores e maiores prêmios mundiais?

04. Por que não se fala que o BRASIL é o país mais empreendedor do mundo e que mais de 70% dos brasileiros, pobres e ricos, dedicam considerável parte de seu empo em trabalhos voluntários?

05. Por que não dizer que o BRASIL é hoje a terceira maior democracia do mundo?

06. Que apesar de todas as mazelas, o Congresso está punindo seus próprios membros, o que raramente ocorre em outros países ditos civilizados?

07. Por que não lembrar que o povo brasileiro é um povo hospitaleiro, que se esforça para falar a lí ngua dos turistas, gesticula e não mede esforços para atendê-los bem?

08. Por que não se orgulhar de ser um povo que faz piada da própria desgraça e que enfrenta os desgostos sambando.

É! O BRASIL é um país abençoado de fato.
Com suas raças e todos os credos.
Bendito este povo, que sabe entender todos os sotaques.
Bendito este povo, que oferece todos os tipos de climas para contentar
Bendita seja, querida pátria chamada Brasil!