Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The DNC has been by and large extremely impressive and refreshing. They have given the Republican party a HUGE pass. They have not laid into McCain at all up till now and it is my hope that they continue! Tonight's attacks against McCain were mild and that is exactly where it ought to be!

The less attention we give to our opponents, and the more we focus on the issues and the points where we need to improve upon, the stronger we are as a nation. We need to focus on the strengths that we still have and work together regardless of party lines to assure the best results in this country regardless of the issue.

If we give CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets their fair share of soundbytes, then all this is worth are lonely worthless soundbytes instead of creating the foundation by which our nation can grow back to where we were before 2000.

If we want to be strong again, we, as a people have to come together and find the results and work towards the betterment of this country as a communicative country who are willing to look towards our future and learn from our errors in the past.

I am glad that we are not into mudslinging, because when the RNC comes about, that is going to be the strength of their convention. They will rest all of their comments on Obama and how they are more like Reagan than even Reagan was. As ironic as that sounds, I do not say that to mudsling. I have heard several Republican debates and more often than not, the focus was on bringing the past to the present with each candidate comparing himself tirelessly to Reagan and how they will continue on his legacy. I don't understand that mentality. You do not hear Obama telling people how he wants to be like JFK, or FDR or any other past Democrat Presidents. We may have seen some of the old school democrats providing talks, but they have been supportive and provide Obama with an overall support from past, present and future support.

Even now, Romney has been sent by the McCain staff to Denver to discount and flame Obama. I find it amusing that no real press is being provided to Romney. The 3-4 men who have been arrested in a murder plot against Obama have gotten more press than Romney.

Mark Warner (D-Virginia) provided a huge talk tonight and as a follow up to Michelle Obama's talk, we have so much to look forward to with Obama's talk coming on the same day as Martin Luther King's,"I Have A Dream" address at The National Mall!

Jericho Scott's pitching is good enough to scare a whole team!

Look, having played 11 years of baseball from the time I was five, I have seen my fair share of "Jericho Scotts"...there were pitchers that had my number and a lot more that didn't. When I was on a team called the Phillies, we took 2nd place and the ace was a kid named Paul...that boy had himself an arm, but the next year, he did NOT dominate the league as most expected he would...not sure if he stressed his arm, but he was never the same. Then there was a kid when I was 14 years old named Kevin Brown...HE was FAST...if he threw less than 70, it was a curve or a changeup...and I had the confidence to hit him, but I also knew that I had to choke up and get to the back of the box in order to see the ball as long as I could. I could get decent contact on foul balls, but that is costly unless you have 2 strikes already...my best hit off him was a LONG fly out right at the fence....but it DID get his attention...as I had a great game that day and he thought he gave up a HR. While I flew out, I will die with the strong self confidence that I could hit off of him or any other kid in that league. I STILL go to the cages and I STILL can hit off of the 80 mph cages. I want to always hit well and keep up that skill regardless, so that I can teach my kids how to do the same. A good catch does NOT reflect in my ability to hit the ball off of an ace. I knew what I could do. I will teach Gabriel and Jasmine how to have that level of self confidence and assurance so they are capable of understanding with a clear and lucid mind, that they can hit off of any pitcher or pitch to any hitter and if that hitter or pitcher gets the best of them that day, then give that athlete their due credit and get to their level!

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE...if these kids, whose coach decided to close up shop and leave without practicing, were taught anything, it was how to quit. There is NOT a worse lesson in sports than to give up and quit. Little League is a place where you improve on your abilities and if YOU can't hit, you had better get your dad to pitch to you, or a brother, or an uncle or anybody you can get and if THAT doesn't work, 10-15 dollars will give you plenty of training! Get into the cages, get into the game.

Baseball is a beautiful game because even these kids in self-entitled USA, will HAVE to realize, is that baseball DEMANDS work, persistance, self confidence and several other traits. NOTHING will get your self confidence up like hitting off of the ace! These kids need desperately to be shown Kirk Gibson's matchups with Goose Gossage and more important, Dennis Eckersley. Eck was a FORCE...that man did NOT have K-Rod's need to have men on base..he would get everyone out and his 47 saves were indicative of how vicious he was. When Eckersley got on the mound, it was LIGHTS OUT..Dodger fans everywhere were VERY concerned, it was over. We knew who was coming up and who was in the hole, we knew Kirk was NOT an option...and yet once Eckersley had his own oversight by walking Mike Davis, we saw the impossible occur. Lo and behold, Kirk Gibson comes out of the dugout as the pinch hitter. Kirk was NOT intimidated by Eckersley, he hit a very important HR against Gossage 4 years prior, this situation was made for him, not all of us had that same faith as Gibby's knees were shot and we got a very good sign of that from a foul ball that he tried to run out. Gibby got the ball he wanted and jacked it over the right field wall. What was he doing before that???


Monday, August 18, 2008

Some people never learn

Jenn Stuczynski could definitely take a page out of Alain Bedard's book on trash talking. In both cases, the one who talks, is the one who paid the price. You would think on day 11 after over a week or two from when Bedard decided to challenge Phelps and the Americans that he planned on smashing, OUR athletes would think twice before pulling the same crap. Sadly, no...we succomb to the same pressure and Stuczynski is talking about beating some Russian butt??? really? wow, wonders WILL never cease. I generally vote for the US in most situations, but in this case, I did not feel bad and actually laughed, even momentarily at Stuczynski's naivete due to the circumstance and irony.

We need to let our actions speak volumes above our own voices.

selected quotes from JOHN LEICESTER, AP Olympics Columnist,

"Yelena Isinbayeva got the Olympic gold and a world record; American Jenn Stuczynski got the silver and a lesson in humility."

Isinbayeva is Russian but she understands English just fine. The greatest women’s pole vaulter of all time heard Stuczynski’s challenge loud and clear.

“I am not deaf,” she said. “It made me really angry.”

So Stuczynski gives Isinbayeva some locker room material. Stuczynski's underwhelming prediction not only ticks off Isinbayeva, but now Yelena has some extra drive and turns on the stove and bakes the competition. While Stuczynski was able to achieve 4.80 metres (15-9), Yelena achieved 4.85 to win and all of a sudden it turned into the Yelena show when they raised the beam to new heights at 5.05 (16-6 3/4) and Yelena hit it on the last of her 3 tries.

"Isinbayeva tried not to be smug. She had done what she had set out to do: let her vaulting do the talking.

'I just wanted to prove who is the best at the Olympic Games.'

But she couldn’t resist one last little dig

'She must respect me and … know her position,' she said.

'Now she knows it.'"

No, Yelena, the whole world now knows it and is celebrating with you!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spain Spain Spain....remember...the intent is NOT the same as the impact..act accordingly

I will not condone or show the picture of these knuckleheads making these gestures. I do not want to give them any more press than necessary because it is appalling.

"In the past the Spanish have been left in no doubt as to the sensitivity of racial issues internationally, especially since Spain's football manager, Luis Aragon├ęs, made his infamous remark about Thierry Henry, monkey chants greeted England's football players in a friendly game in Madrid and the formula one driver Lewis Hamilton was subjected to abuse in Barcelona." -Sid Lowe The Guardian, Monday August 11 2008, Article history

During the World Cup games in Germany, racism was a VERY prominent concern for FIFA and officials from every country participating but more among the fans than by the actual athletes..


China bans black people during the olympics from drinking!


For a country with the motto of One World, One Dream...we recognize with all of these examples that we are still a LONG way away from recognizing the need to respect people in general as well as their cultures.

Regardless of how much affection the Spanish teams may want to use as their excuse to having accepted this stint, it is deplorable and embarrassing and China had every right to boo them with enthusiasm. Pau Gasol said,"it was “absurd” people were calling the gesture racist.

“We never intended anything like that,” he said.

Mr. Gasol, intent does not equal impact. Everyone who was offended was within their right to do so. To do what you did sir, regardless of your reasoning, was in poor taste. It is surprising that NOBODY stood up to think that this might offend someone.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Alain Bernard, Kharma was NOT on your side!

I have to say that while swimming has not been of complete interest to me since watching my friends swim meets at Troy High over 15 years ago...until last night. In stunning form, we all witnessed world wide the biggest relay race in a long time. Most people would NOT care about this race had it not been for Alain Bernard's brash comment that they would SMASH the US team. Well Alain, it would have done you some good to talk with our boy Jim Rome and actually GET YOURSELF SOME POSITIVE KHARMA before throwing down that befuddled prediction. What happened instead, was a smashing, but it was your expressions that told the story better than anybody else could. The sports gods got involved, KHARMA TURNED and you provided locker room motivation for the US team. Lezak and Phelps made sure that you would eat your words and ...I might ask how it tastes..but again, I saw the look on your face and it spoke volumes. Need more salt?

what was the price of your prediction?

how about 1) an individual world record? 2) a team world record? and 3) what of your pride and that of your team right about now?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


OK...YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND...germaphobes are beyond lysol...they can be outright offensive and their OCD wears on their family and friends more than people are willing to admit...so here you go...you THOUGHT...you just liked being clean...well being clean has gone to your head...LITERALLY!

Cleanliness Rules Germaphobes' Lives
Germaphobes are obsessed with sanitation and feel compelled to clean excessively, but they're really suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

By Leanna Skarnulis
WebMD Feature

Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD

In the Monk TV series, gentle detective Adrian Monk works the grimy streets of San Francisco but is so driven by a fear of germs that he must scrub his hands after shaking hands with someone. Monk has been called the "poster boy" for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). In fact, in an informal survey conducted by the Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation, OCD patients said they liked the character, who triumphs even when his condition interferes with his ability to do his work.

Monk is a "germaphobe," the popular name for people who become obsessed with germs and dirt and feel compelled to act out rituals of washing and cleaning. Real people with this condition include the late Howard Hughes and Saddam Hussein, who reportedly often ordered visitors to strip and wash with antibacterial soap.

True germaphobes have OCD, which can take various forms. For example, some people with OCD are "checkers." They're obsessed with a fear of losing control of aggressive urges, and their anxiety can be relieved only by checking something, such as whether a burner on the stove has been turned off. Hoarding, counting, and praying are some other manifestations of the disease. People often have multiple forms of OCD.

What Causes the Compulsion to Wash?

OCD is believed to be caused by an abnormality in the brain's circuitry. Brain scans show brain activity is different in people with OCD. There's probably a genetic component as well, especially when OCD begins in childhood. One-third to one-half of adults with OCD say their illness started in childhood or adolescence.

Why someone with the disease is compelled to wash, as opposed to check or count or hoard, isn't known. What's true with all types of OCD is that a compulsion is acted out to relieve anxiety produced by an obsessive, intrusive thought. For example, a woman accidentally cuts herself, washes the wound, puts antibacterial ointment on it, and bandages it. That should be that, but an anxious feeling and thought intrude: what if microscopic germs remain? She knows it's irrational, but she's compelled to wash the cut again in order to relieve the anxiety. She may have to repeat the act over and over.

When Is Cleanliness a Problem?

Every office has its neat freak. Maybe it's the woman who cleans her cubicle every morning and keeps everything arranged just so. Is she just a perfectionist or is she driven by OCD? It can be hard to tell at first because OCD is a secretive illness, says Mary Guardino. She is the executive director of Freedom From Fear, the national mental illness advocacy organization she founded in Staten Island, N.Y., in 1984. "When you first meet her, you notice how nice and organized and clean everything is. But she may be hiding her rituals. If she heard a co-worker got the flu, she'd fear she might have touched something that person handled, so she'll sneak into the bathroom to wash."

Guardino says a clinician looks for these signs of OCD:

The obsession with contamination is gradually taking over the person's life and actions.
The individual engages in ritual cleaning or washing at least one hour a day.
Acting out the rituals is done to relieve anxiety.
The person knows the obsession with germs is foolish but feels compelled to wash or clean over and over.
"People who have OCD really don't want to be that way," Guardino tells WebMD. On the other hand, people who have obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), which is less serious than OCD, pride themselves on being neat freaks. Felix Unger, of The Odd Couple, for example. "It didn't bother Felix that he ran around with a paper towel and Windex. It bothered Oscar. Also Felix probably didn't clean a surface over and over. He thought his behavior was appropriate because he needed to have things perfect. He didn't want to change."

Treatment With Medication and Therapy

The most effective treatment combines medication, usually one of several antidepressants, and a form of cognitive behavioral therapy called "response prevention" or "exposure and response therapy."

"The object of response prevention therapy is to delay implementation of the ritual," says Guardino, whose expertise and advocacy grew out of her own 25-year battle with anxiety and depression. "The longer you delay it, you will get slowly over time a decrease in the anxiety to enact the ritual."

For example, the therapist might tell a patient that after washing her hands once, she must wait 15 minutes before washing them again. Gradually the length of time is increased until the patient can wash just once without feeling compelled to wash again. Successful treatment produces a change in brain activity and, for most patients, at least partial remission of the disease.

The Role of Family Members

Families often make the mistake of enabling loved ones with OCD. "A man who sees his wife cleaning the house three or four hours a day may at first think he's got the world's greatest wife," says Guardino. "But over time he sees her energy level go down, she's irritable, and there's something bizarre about her cleaning. So he reads about OCD on WebMD and gets her into treatment."

Family members can play an important role in carrying out response prevention treatment prescribed by a therapist. "After dinner, the wife jumps up to clear the table and get the bleach, but the husband tells her, 'Sit down for half an hour, we're listening to Mozart,'" says Guardino. "In the morning he says, 'I'm throwing my pajamas on the floor and I want them there when I get home tonight."