Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Americans with Disabilities

My aunt has a mental disability and I couldn't love her more if I tried. She is a beautiful human being and she has a completely active lifestyle. She has the ability to work at a shop with other people who have equal disabilites and she does not let it get her down or keep her from doing what she wants.

There are countries where, if you have a disability, you may or may not be allowed to get a job depending on the disability. As an example, a trucker who breaks his leg may not have the ability to drive work in his vocation and will have to look for a job in another area completely.

our goal in this country should be, nationwide, to make sure that those who have disabilities are able to live their lives without any interruption as well as being successful and not having discrimination keeping them from being able to get jobs, homes or any other need that they may have in their lives. Their lives should not change any more than it has to. There are, obviously going to be some barriers due to the level of disability and when we are faced with the challenges, we need to find the innovation and the smart minds of this country in order to face these challenges head on and overcome these barriers as soon as we can with as little resistance as possible.

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