Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Faith of an American

My beliefs in my Savior Jesus Christ who was crucified for all mankind, are NOT in anyway tied into my professional vocation where the American people are concerned.
There is a division between Church and State and it is my responsibility to assure that that division remains in place. My belief in God or in my religion will not be compromised, however, it is not my standard of beliefs that are on trial here. My candidacy and electibility IS. I would hope that we can move forward from a time where each person is pidgeon holed into a clique or group like we were in high school. I don't care if you are black, orange, grey, white, lesbian, gay, straight, latino, or anything else. I am not here to judge you, quite the opposite! My faith and religion will ONLY play in as much as common human decency and society agrees with what should be considered normal and correct on a grand scale.

Faith is believing in something that you cannot see. We cannot see the wind, but some of us know first hand of its effects. Acting upon your faith by donating money and supplies to those in New Orleans, Florida and San Diego are not only ways of providing support to your fellow Americans, but is a way that Americans can show their love and understanding for charity and service towards others. As I said before, as we look outward from self, we shall be blessed from within. The more selfless we are in our communities, the more we grow as a family, neighborhood, city, state and country.

I have faith in this country and in its growth. As said before, I cannot SEE that growth right now, but with our efforts and actions and as we work through our faith, we will see the country progress as a result!

Don't worry about my religion, it is somewhat inconsequential with my professional vocation and my bid for office. I am convict in my beliefs, and will not waiver. This country is not led by the Prophet, or the Pope or any other religious leader. it is led by the President of the United States and that shall continue as it has since July 4, 1776.

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