Monday, October 20, 2008

Maybe they're risque...but was not meant to offend lol

I found these and several others on

a few other choice titles were as follows:

-Save a camel, ride a coastie
-Save a boat, ride a coastie
-Coasties do it better (ask a Navy wife)
-Got coastie?
-Coasties, taking care of navy wives since 1790
-forget cowboys, ride a coastie
-can't handle the surf, stay in the sand
-coasties do it in any weather
-Coasties do a body good
-this coastie curls my toes
-my coastie rocks my socks
-Coasties do it deeper
-be an environmentalist, save water and shower with a coastie

yes there were several "i love my coasties" but those are the norm and not the I thought I'd bring out the ones that create some of the shock value lol...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gamers make bad lovers, researchers say you REALLY think that a guy who spends over 1500 dollars in games alone and 5700 in subscriptions is REALLY going to care what you think? lol

look...I am not making this up by myself...I cannot embellish on what needs no on the title of the post and the story sells