Thursday, July 31, 2008


CRAZY....IN A WORD, it is more than I can even express.

Let's start with Aussie Jake Brown. Last year, Jake Brown took the infamous 50 foot drop onto the hardwood of the ramp. He broke his leg and limped off, it was unheard of that he walked away from that drop. It is the equivalent of falling off of a 2-3 story house and for the better part coming away unscathed...the fact that he left with only a broken leg, was fortunate at least and rather most know, the majority of skaters are able to get their knees out in order to absorb the force and transfer that inertia down the ramp...

THIS year, Jake Brown came back and ran THE SAME RUN that he had last year and NAILED IT...THEN on his second run, he even improved on was sick and INCREDIBLY ADMIRABLE considering what he went through last year...which brings us to Danny Way and HIS injury TODAY...this just happened...

Danny got his run and on the first jump tried to backflip unsucessfully. He went back up the ramp for run #2 at which he nailed the first 360 jump but as he did the 540 melon and got roughly 19 feet of airtime off the lip, on his way back down, his shins caught the lip and he went down hard...he was motionless at first as medical checked him out. he WALKED off the ramp under his own power although there were chairs offered...that is not the Danny Way...then the Doc, frustrated by even having to ask, did so asking Danny not to run again as he broke his leg and more than probable, did some decent damage to his ankles and collarbone, back and chest...

So he runs the EXACT same run he had before, in Jake Brown style and LANDS IT HUGE enough to grab the lead...

Danny Way is UP for Run #4....he has medical on himself again...he has hit his head...his legs are moving which is a positive side. His feet and arms are moving appropriately...Danny sits up and is moving his head well...Danny Way is amazing...he walks off...he did a varial and whipped his head. Danny Way may not know when to stop, but you can't help to appreciate his ferocity and intensity and insistence to go through all 5 runs knowing full well, that he trained all year for this only to end up in 2nd or 3rd at best.

Jake Brown on his 4th run....went for the 720...unsuccessful..but safely slides downramp..

Brasileiro Bob Burnquist attempts the front flip, but was unsuccessful on this attempt. He is leading the field at the moment.

Danny Way is here for Run 5....this is happening now as I am...YOU CANNNT FREAKIN BELIEVE IT BABY!!!!


Jake Brown's 5th run was unsuccessful, but take nothing away..a Bronze for a guy who shouldn't even BE here...fantastic effort..

Bob Burnquist turns up the heat with a a 180 ollie and at the ramp Indy 360 at 20 feet and lands it nicely! brazilian Bob Burnquist hits 96.00 the highest Xgames score EVER for the big air...well done Roberto...bem feito mesmo!

Manny Manny we will have to get used to thee

It is going to take a while to get used to you in Blue...Hit us a HR or 22 and we'll forgive you for being a Red Sox too.

ManRam in Hollywood...I guess it could be good...The Diamondbacks will start crying like they should..

hitting .500 will not get you a playoff spot AZ, so the Dodgers getting past them should be easy!

Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Juan Pierre, throw Manny's bat in the mix and we're already there.

Welcome to Chavez Ravine, Manny make sure you are not heard but seen. The only thing we want to hear from you is the crack of the bat and the stomp of the plate..that way we can victoriously leave the gates.

It's been 20 years since the men in Blue have seen a ring. It may not be this year, we need Nomar back too, but next year watch out NL, The Blue Crew will be back to dominate the NL and AL too!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a sick state of affairs....

Look, I have seen a trend that should worry the majority of America...whether it does or not is rather personal...but I found it to be rather disturbing and I cannot help but see the pattern duplicate itself on a rather large scale...I don't care what religion you are as this transcends through all of them..even the LDS faith..

This generation, besides being the playstation/xbox generation, is also one that has become a self entitled generation. They do not EARN the respect that they DEMAND from their parents. They EXPECT to receive certain things and will CRY and complain till they get it...regardless of the consequences. They MUST be entertained constantly. Parents have GIVEN UP almost completely as it is easier to give in, than to fight their kids incessant whining and complaining.

We will not hit our kids in this new politically correct (PC) world we live in. We are unafraid by our kids CPS threats, HOWEVER, there are cameras and we respect that we cannot and will not raise our children as we were raised, even though, the way we were raised was large in part..CORRECT. We are lazy parents as a result giving into things we would never give in to otherwise. We do understand the difficulty of getting our kids back if the SLIGHTEST thing were to go wrong...we fear losing our children to the government on a daily basis while we have done nothing wrong...not even fact, we ought to do more, but we fear that by doing more we risk negligence in acts of commission OR worse, omission.

It is NOT that we have any intention or interest IN hitting our kids OR that hitting them is even an appropriate answer or response. We DO love our kids, however, we are being taken advantage of and the power and influence has shifted. We are negotiating with 3 year olds when we NEVER had that capacity when WE were 3 years old. My opinion barely mattered till I was about 7 or 8...and even then, could be dismissed for being a kid. At school, teachers can report cases and will even though they themselves may not even HAVE kids...and therefore lack the understanding of what a parent might be going through in particular situations BECAUSE the empathy cannot exist in that teachers CAN impose in a situation where they think they have all of the answers and not. We understand that their actions are in good intentions, however, they impose on OUR ability to teach our OWN kids what is right from wrong in the name of what is best for the kids.

All this aside, we are responsible for all of this that we have created. Kids cannot go to the park and even have a catch with their old man, because he is watching TV...or is on the PC (lol...quiet you!)..or is out with friends...OR involved in his addictions..whether it is movies, music, porn or whatever else is keeping him from being productive...the mother is too busy being pissed at the husband for not cleaning up after himself, as well as not playing with kids etc etc...and the kids ...God bless them through all of this dysfunction...are either playing xbox/playstation or are watching something on TV that may not even be age appropriate...

Now there are exceptions to this scenario...or even variations...maybe it is the wife who is victimized by addictions..whether light or heavy..maybe the husband works a different shift or works longer hours...OR maybe the husband is the housemaker as that is happening at a higher rate now....regardless...the kids are not playing baseball, or any other sport, there are no activities and the kids are getting bruised thumbs from the iPods, game controls and whatever else they are involved in...

so how did this get this way? Well mommies have to work...they didn't do all that schooling for would be a waste...can't have that...NOW...UNDERSTAND that there are women who must work out of necessity as single mothers...but how did they become single mothers? divorced? really? what caused it? His porn addiction? the results of that addiction? or her involvement at work or all of the above?

kids are NOT getting the exercise they need, this country is as fat as it has EVER been....people even justify their liking of BBWs when 20 years ago, being overweight was is part of life...while medical conditions CAN be a part of that...they STILL lead sedentary lifestlyles and their kids pay the price and parents, I can only guess, feel that their kids get their exercise at why do it again? The parents are busy, bills to pay, errands to run...

funny because the baby boomers DO get out of the house and they took us to OUR games! Now we phone it in and take our kids to the game and pick them up when their done?!

The inner city has a MAJOR challenge with baseball, adults are NOT being able to afford a better life and are working 13 hour days to pay for the simplest things in life and yes, this economy sucks...but we had NO problem finding 20 bucks (or more) for Batman's latest which made over 300 million in 10 the gas it took everyone to get there...just a bigger screen!

While I can understand people's frustration at going to ballgames to support these rich athletes, they are fun and enjoyable...if you don't go for you, at least go for your kids...and for those of us who have swing or graveyard shifts...make the most of the time you have during the day with your kids...

LISTEN TO THE WIFE. Now I have not been one to follow this very well..and it HAS COST ME...when I helps me...novel concept...

don't lie to one another and have your disagreements away from your kids as they can impose guilt on themselves for these fights..and it can play on their own emotional growth and development.

You DO have free agency...but your actions can hold your free agency captive and the only way you get it back is by doing the right thing when it has to be done, regardless of what it is.

Take your kids to the them that they exist beyond the walls of your home.

Date your wife. You need it and so does she. More than you will ever know! Take care of her as well...manicures and pedicures may seem like expenses...but you sure didn't complain last grateful that she WANTS to look good for you!

Get your butt off of the sofa, Tivo it if you must...but go do something YOUR dad would have done with you OR that you would like to have done and think your kids would like to do...

take a freaking interest in your kids schoolwork and understand what their needs and wants you even know who your children are? Do you recognize how YOUR actions influence them?

I am not saying this to anybody but myself....but if you need the butt kicking...then do for your kids what I must do for my own...

We are not perfect...don't beat yourself up too much but..don't justify anything either...own it and move on!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Longest All Star Game Ever Held at The House That Ruth Built

At a record time of 4 hours and 50 minutes and 15 innings of length, Michael Young's Sacrifice flyball allowed Justin Morneau to score in the bottom of the 15th inning, giving the AL their 12th straight win in as many years.

The house that Ruth built is set to be closed down due to the construction of the new stadium being built on the opposite side of the street. It is only fitting that the All Star game be held in Gotham City this year AND that the game would be as good as it was. It was NOT just the game itself, but the Home Run contest the night before where Josh Hamilton hit 28 homeruns in the first round alone and 35 altogether even though Justin Morneau ended up stealing that from Josh as well. Even though this all star break ended up being more about Justin Morneau, it really was more about Josh Hamilton and his incredible feat of 35 homeruns only to not get the title...equally admirable was having his All Region Coach Counsil throwing BP to him. At the young age of 71, who is to question Counsil's ability to throw BP with 35 HRs as a result?

I was thoroughly excited with the game as well as the festivities at this year's HR contest. I felt bad about Dan Uggla who had himself a rough day...shake it off's just a game! Well, I never got a chance to go to Yankee Stadium...I feel a little bad about that...but my hope is that I do get a chance to get to the new stadium at some point in my life. I am not sure I am willing to drop 65 large on a seat at the very last Yankee game this year and I don't have 265 bucks to go to the cheapest seat...let alone the flight to NYC...but neither does anyone else these I plan on watching it from the same sofa as everyone elses...the one at home with a drink and a burger hoping that the Yanks win...not because I am a Yank fan...but every home team should win that game...there IS a feeling within that says that the sports Gods may even allow the Yanks to rebound and get into the playoffs JUST for that reason...they have their work cut out for themselves with the Sox and Rays playing MUCH better than they are...but then...crazier things have happened in 28 first round HRs and a the longest All Star game to boot!

Josh Hamilton Hits 28 HRs in ONE round!

you have to see this...he hits a 518 foot HR, a 504 ft HR and a 502 ft HR...among several others!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008