Wednesday, January 16, 2008

America and Homeland Security

As a member of the US Coast Guard, I was involved actively in our missions have centered around helping Americans feel more secure and comfortable. With terrorism being at the centerpiece of a table where every country that sits at the table wishes for peace and union between one another, our need to work diplomatically with each other and our insistance to NOT negotiate with terrorists, We may be able to remain incident free and assist other countries to remain equally peaceful.

Equally however, as a member of the Coast Guard, I was also very aware of our weaknesses and discrepancies at our ports. I am aware of where we are exposed and what is needed to ameliorate the situation.

We need to address the Airport security issues such as near hits/misses on the tarmac as well as oil plants, energy plants and water plants.

We need to assure that our natural minerals and resources are untainted and are well taken care of. We need to assure that any chemical warfare and suicide car bombs are not taking place here in the US.

We need to assure each and every person in this country that while there are natural emergencies, there are ALWAYS fellow americans in our neighborhoods and in our cities who are willing to show their charity and caring for their neighbor and help them where needed. Hurricanes, Nor'easters, Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Floods are challenges we face annually in this country...the strength of this country is NOT only how we deal with the emergency itself, but also to reach out to others and show our humanity towards others.

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