Tuesday, January 15, 2008

America's Economic Future

I believe that America's free enterprise and our ability to live the American dream, is what makes this country shine. Millions of people come to this country for a reason, and that reason is due to our economy and our freedom to control our own financial destiny to a certain extent. While we DO have a certain amount of accountability and ownership. Education is the keystone of our overall success and that lies upon the teachers and more importantly, the student. The lighthouses of this country make sure that every sailor comes home safely. But while those lighthouses can provide the light, it still takes a strong sailor to navigate their way to safety.

We have to work as a nation in what we can bring to the table and combine and not duplicate our efforts to assure our success as individuals and as a country. Our innovative leaders in the private sector are equally as important as those who create the laws and execute them. More important than the big wigs of this country, are those who helped them get to where they are today. We cannot discount the blue collar workforce who give all that they have so that others may have more. We should, if anything, applaud them for all of their efforts and give them the breaks that they need in order for their progress as well. The white collar and big wigs of this country can afford to help those who have been working the grindstone their whole life and may struggle to get enough money for their kids education AND still have the ability to retire.

Our country must always appreciate the role of each person who supports our economy whether that person be an investor, a C-level executive, a middle manager or the hourly laborers who may even work a couple of jobs to make ends meet and may STILL live paycheck to paycheck. We should create and offer these people some slack on the line so that they be with their families or be able to create one. We are stronger as a country of home owners rather than a country of renters. While it is not always possible to buy a home nor is it always the "time" as housing right now is not a popular option, it is still a benefit to your credit level, providing you can afford the home and all that comes with it, NOT just the mortgage alone. Please, prior to purchasing a home, remind yourselves of the taxes, insurances, daily expenses that go unseen, as well as appraisals, landscaping and other expenses that often go overlooked. While home ownership is still better for America collectively, a country full of foreclosures or defaults is devastating to this country as we are all seeing. We NEED as a country, to make smarter choices and to recognize when bank and home loaners make offers that seem too good to be true.

We will progress as a country as soon as we stop worrying about ourselves and start building people up around us. Americans must work as a team rather than working against one another.

A team full of athletes who work for their own stats and their own success, may get to the Super Bowl, BCS Title Bowl,The World Series, Stanley Cup,The World Cup or NBA Finals. A team that is dependant upon indiviual talent will always fail to the team that works as a team. A team full of individuals will be successful throughout the regular season, however, the ultimate goal, more often than not, will be won by the team who works together. We need to be the team that works well with others.

The success of this economy depends on all of us working together and showing that we can work as a team!

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