Tuesday, January 15, 2008

America's Energy and Environment Inprovement Efforts

It is NOT because my wife is a Brazilian American, that I find it incredibly important that our country signed the contract that we did with Brasil in order to free ourselves from the vice we found ourselves in the Middle East. Brasil has been using alcohol in its vehicles for over 30 years. They have thousands of acres of land DEDICATED to sugar and corn, possibly more than the US could ever grow and they have been anxious and excited to be able to import it to us. They have now found over 8 Billion barrels of oil and may have found another oil field of comparable size. They are prime to join the OPEC panel which controls the volume and pricing of oil worldwide. The US can only improve in this move. Brasil is also one of the few countries that are 100% independant oil-wise and we will benefit by joining and aligning ourselves with an ally rather than a neutral party.

Further energy issues are simple. We, as a country need to continue being responsible and turn off the lights in our home when they are not being used. Those who are in military housing should adhere more to this than others, since it is the taxes of this country that pay for those energy bills. I am not fathering you, by telling you what you should know all by yourselves, I am not lecturing or preaching environment to you. I am saying this because I feel that the majority of America already does not do this. Buy the energy reducing lightbulbs and appliances that will help us do our part as a country. Like I said regarding other subjects, America is only as strong as its discrepancies and deliquencies. We must progress individually and collectively.

We NEED vehemently, to dedicate ourselves to the automakers of our industrial midwest and bring back the jobs that have dissolved in Detroit so that we can have QUALITY green cars that will show the global ecojnomy that American made vehicles cannot only be made, but they can do everything that any import can do, and can do it for the same price or better. We need to have vehicles for families that are able to accomplish at least 35 mpg without any exception. Detroit will resurge again and its success and its workforce will not be as it was, it will be better!

Regarding global warming, lets look at the history of this planet. It has gone through several warming trends and has had little ice ages. The warming has not been uniform globally, in fact in some places, it has cooled. The warming has been all of .4C in the last century. I am NOT saying that we should ignore it, I am not saying we should blow it off, I am saying that it will NOT define the way we live in the next 50 years. We should do our part to conserve as much energy as we can.

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