Wednesday, January 16, 2008

America and its Fiscal Responsibilities

Doesn't fiscal responsibility lie within our grasp collectively as a country? Yes, it should and YES it does! Yes, the Commander in Chief can ok policies regarding tax breaks, tax cuts or even sadly, new taxes. Unfortunately to make money, every investor knows that they have to spend money to make money with the pre-requisite that they KNOW where this money is going and WHY it is going there. the days of NOT knowing where your tax dollars are going is over. The American people pay their taxes annually and every year, the American people should be able to find out how their money has been spended or how the government plans to spend their money. The areas where tax money needs to be used the most, is where they will be used. it will work in a daily priority and will be published for all Americans to see.

We need a President who is able to trim down the national debt with the budget set apart to get the country back to the green/black levels so that we can work as a country whose debt is minimal. We need to work to have a surplus. It was achieved under the Clinton administration, so it is possible. Let's not forget those who helped us get where we are, and lets bring it back to those who got our budget back where it belongs and put the money BACK into the pockets of those who need it the most!

The rich upper class will be able to live off of their interest for the better part of their lives and they can afford to give back to the community to allow others to grow and benefit. The rich and upper class do NOT need tax breaks as they get taxed plenty as it is and it should remain as it is. The poor, lower middle class, middle class and upper middle class are those who deserve the tax breaks and should get them. I would set up a tax code where the poor pay 5% taxes (salaries under 30,000), middle class (30,000-100,000) would pay 10%, Upper middle class (100,000-200,000) would pay 15% and the rich would pay 20% taxes annually. I would think that would be substantially better and all parties would be much happier than what they are paying now.

Special interest earmarks and pork barrel spending will be publically informed where all Americans can decide whether that is plausible.

Gas and oil businesses as well as other special interest groups will NOT get any more attention than any other industry.

Government spending will be made public and anything over a certain amount which should draw a red flag, will, and the government official that uses money erroneously will be made an example of publically. it will NOT be a slap on the hand, the difference between what is within the scale of normality (ex.price of an airline ticket) and the absurd spending that occured will be processed as a fee to that government official or it can be taken from their taxes in the following year.

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