Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

SC is greedy? No, PAC10 needs more teams...PAC12 is in order

My letter to Dan Wetzel,

Dan, I thought about this in a few ways. I think that it is safe to say that Utah and Boise St are the missing links of an "upcoming but will never happen" Pac12..if you take either Utah/BYU and either Boise St/Fresno St. out of their current leagues, the MWC will STILL survive with BYU/Utah and TCU and Air Force as their strengths..if you take out Boise State/Fresno State, you still have Nevada, Fresno State/Boise State and Hawaii as their strengths in the WAC. You don't lose anything in those leagues as they can still have non conference against their rivals ...see UGA against Geo. Tech.

If the current PAC10 plays Utah/BYU who they went 1-6 against for the most part....then you have 2-3 MORE ranked teams in the PAC12 and you have a north and south that you can be proud of and the rest of the nation would applaud the addition AND the PAC12 championship...you would have to put both teams in the north region unless, Fresno State were chosen. If Fresno State were to be chosen, then 1 team goes north and the other south..

BSU/Utah Scenario
PAC12 north-1)BSU 2)Utah 3)Oregon 4)Ore St 5)UW 6)WSU
Pac12 south-USC-Cal-UCLA-ASU-UA-Stanford

Fresno St/BYU Scenario
PAC12 north-1)BYU 2)Cal 3)Oregon 4)Ore St 5)UW 6)WSU
Pac12 south-USC-Fresno St.-UCLA-ASU-UA-Stan

Believe me, this would break up the monotony of the PAC10 with 2 more ranked teams and yes, Utah/Boise St. and or BYU and Fresno WOULD compete as they have this year quite well at 6-1 against the PAC..we are looking at 2 more ranked teams which means USC would have 4-5 ranked games every year for a LONG time. Utah/BYU/Fresno St and Boise State can all compete at the D1 level and have all made BCS teams look like fools on several opportunities...Boise State with Oklahoma 2006, Utah against USC 2001(10-6), BYU against UCLA twice in a year, this would improve the pac big time...

If USC has to battle against Utah/BYU/Boise State or Fresno State depending on how the teams are aligned, in a PAC12 championship game, they would get the respect of the nation. Especially those in the Big 12 and SEC region who have to do the same thing.

The Big 10 needs to annex Notre Dame and change their name to the Rust Belt Conference since there already is a Big12 that actually HAD 12 teams in it. If the "rust belt conference and the Pac region conferences have a championship game, then all but the Big East would have legitimate conference champions and it would facilitate looking at who really are the BCS champion worthy teams.

As far as rivals are concerned with Utah and BYU or other rivals, don't be. Georgia and Georgia Tech definitely do not allow that to create problems for their rivalry. Neither do Iowa and Iowa State. So rivalries would continue as they have in the past. If USC plays Notre Dame for 70+ years, Utah and BYU should have no problems whatsoever...and actually it helps them out as they do not cancel each other out for the chance to get into the BCS and it is one less team in the MWC to muck things up.

As it stands, Utah or BYU have to go against each other plus Air Force AND TCU. With that out of the way, BYU or Utah would still face each other but as a nonconference game and they can still have the chance to get into the BCS bowl system, only difference is that one of them would be going up against USC year in and year out until SC's domination ends which could happen anytime in the next decade. We still have no idea how long Carroll will remain at USC, but either way the PAC Regional Conference would be sweet! Seeing Utah vs. Cal every year would be awesome as would a Utah/Boise St game or Boise St against USC. There would be a lot of fantastic football with this augmentation and reorganization of the current PAC10.