Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Free Agency in relation to my political views

First and foremost, I am an advocate to free agency. I believe that we all have the free agency and the right to voice our opinions and to believe as we would like. At no point does it mean that I am IN FAVOR of the actions that each American decides. People CAN commit abortions, they can do stem cell research, they can get a same sex marriage. They can do LEGALLY what they insist on doing. Americans should have the free agency to do that which they feel is morally correct. It is NOT my abortion. I do not have to feel the consequence of the actions of another anymore now, than I have had to for the better part of my life. I am not making these actions ok, nor am I condoning them, but due to free will being a concept that I truly DO believe in, I feel that we will all be held accountable for our actions and we have responsibilities for the rights that we are so happy to have. The freedoms and rights that we have received, have been afforded to us by the blood of the military regimes of this country that have kept us safe and sound. We DO have the right to make our own choices. These choices should NOT be limited by a government that has better things to do than to cater to personal decisions of individual americans.

This is NOT a free for all. I am not allowing all to happen in the name of free agency. We have free agency already and BECAUSE of existing laws, we are able to coexist. There are rules and regulations that are common law and are approved by our congress and our society demands that they exist. There is a lot of gray area however that may allow things to be freed up considerably. We as a country need to put our efforts into activities and efforts that will strengthen this country. I do NOT condone, practice or approve of same sex marriage, abortion or stem cell research. I do not believe that same sex marriages should have the same benefits of a regular family. It is NOT my choice however. I am overstepping my personal bounds by limiting the free agency of other people. We are all taxpaying individuals, we are all adults. We all have the ability to make our own decisions. it is to be noted, however, that we will be responsible for every action of commission and omission. We will pay the consequences whether good or bad. it is up to each of us to make sure that we use our free agency to the best of our ability. Our free agency can and will affect other people and we will be held responsible for those actions.

I am not for drugs, but I am not for a drug war that has been proven inefficient. There is no reason to fight a war that has been going on longer than WW1, WW2, Vietnam and the Gulf War. We are dropping millions into a war that has not shown its efficiency. I am not saying that we should completely distance ourselves from illegal drug use, I am saying that, we should work with countries like Colombia and Venezuela and hold the governments accountable for the money they receive in order to curb drugs. We should receive a report that tells us how the money has been used. We need to know that we are not in an involuntary drug recycling program. We need to assure that the government is putting our tax money to good use in this war, or, put it to other uses completely.

I am not for abortions, I have seen the aftermath of a miscarriage and it is ONE THING to have a D and C involuntarily. I can only imagine what consequences and the culpability must lie in the hearts of those who do it voluntarily. it is a heavy weight as a husband to know in that situation, that I was literally useless, I felt bad for my wife, but i will never understand THAT physical and emotional scar. Again, I feel for those who would inflict that upon themselves voluntarily because they insist upon having untimely, irresponsible sexual relations with other people. Again, they will have faced the consequences of their actions and I can only hope that is the ONLY consequence they have to face. that said, it is a decision for every woman to decide, I will NOT put myself in the way. I much prefer that they are treated in a clinic to avoid back alley abortions do not occur. These are consequences that are naturally occuring due to choices that were made. Whatever divine consequence is believed upon, so be it.

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