Monday, August 18, 2008

Some people never learn

Jenn Stuczynski could definitely take a page out of Alain Bedard's book on trash talking. In both cases, the one who talks, is the one who paid the price. You would think on day 11 after over a week or two from when Bedard decided to challenge Phelps and the Americans that he planned on smashing, OUR athletes would think twice before pulling the same crap. Sadly, no...we succomb to the same pressure and Stuczynski is talking about beating some Russian butt??? really? wow, wonders WILL never cease. I generally vote for the US in most situations, but in this case, I did not feel bad and actually laughed, even momentarily at Stuczynski's naivete due to the circumstance and irony.

We need to let our actions speak volumes above our own voices.

selected quotes from JOHN LEICESTER, AP Olympics Columnist,

"Yelena Isinbayeva got the Olympic gold and a world record; American Jenn Stuczynski got the silver and a lesson in humility."

Isinbayeva is Russian but she understands English just fine. The greatest women’s pole vaulter of all time heard Stuczynski’s challenge loud and clear.

“I am not deaf,” she said. “It made me really angry.”

So Stuczynski gives Isinbayeva some locker room material. Stuczynski's underwhelming prediction not only ticks off Isinbayeva, but now Yelena has some extra drive and turns on the stove and bakes the competition. While Stuczynski was able to achieve 4.80 metres (15-9), Yelena achieved 4.85 to win and all of a sudden it turned into the Yelena show when they raised the beam to new heights at 5.05 (16-6 3/4) and Yelena hit it on the last of her 3 tries.

"Isinbayeva tried not to be smug. She had done what she had set out to do: let her vaulting do the talking.

'I just wanted to prove who is the best at the Olympic Games.'

But she couldn’t resist one last little dig

'She must respect me and … know her position,' she said.

'Now she knows it.'"

No, Yelena, the whole world now knows it and is celebrating with you!

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