Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ladies explain this: Dress Barn? Sag Harbor? Paper Doll? Roseanne's? Trashy Diva?Hot F(l)ash?

How is it that women go to the Dress Barn....women YEARN to not be compared to a cow, yet, they go to this store that is coincidently called "dress barn". How is it that this works out? And inside this "barn" we're looking at labels like Sag Harbor? Like women need a constant reminder that their breasts are sagging? I am pretty sure that is the LAST reminder they need.If Sag Harbor isn't enough, let's go with Hot F(l)ash...because every woman wants to think about menopause as they are buying their clothes...let's move on...heaven forbid I dwell on that one..let's go to the MAJOR female killer...Paper Doll...LOVELY!..women are all pissed prudes and are victimized due to their men watching porn...oh hey, guess what I bought at the barn?? I got these paper doll skirts...very nice! Now, if we want to get away from the filth, we need not move too far because the BETTER clothing label is Trashy Diva...which is much better than the infamous Roseanne's....because every woman wants to be reminded of Roseanne Barr as they are buying clothes.

So there you have makes NO SENSE at all...but it is what it is...

but excuse me if I do not follow the rest of the men into Limp Johnson's apparel...or Beerbelly Bar or any other place that reminds a man of his inadequacies...but if it works for you...who am I???

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