Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Congratulations Fresno State on your First NCAA World Series Championship

click on the title to read the story....but regardless of the is ALWAYS cool to beat up on the SEC and all the better that it was a California school giving Georgia the beat down...and it was! It was a shutout till the 8th inning before a solo HR broke it up! It is the BIGGEST Cinderella team EVER regardless of the sport..Fresno State was the LOWEST ranked team in the tournament and went up against the best teams in the country...(6)Rice, (2)North Carolina, (4)Arizona State, (19)LB State, (9)San Diego, and (8)Georgia.

To the best of my knowledge, at NO point were they EVER on the top 25 -30 teams in the country throughout the year...sometimes the WAC teams go underrated...but with teams like Boise St winning in Football against Oklahoma, Hawaii going undefeated and playing at Georgia and Fresno State winning their first NCAA title in a man's sport not to mention playing my SC Trojans as hard as they did a few years NOT take these teams lightly...YES Hawaii DID get humbled by Georgia in their BCS bowl, but the WAC has established itself more so now than MID MAJOR conference has had 2 BCS bowls and a NCAA World Series in a 3 year run. That is UNHEARD OF. So, my hat goes off to the Bulldogs for kicking Georgia Bulldogs in the teeth!

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