Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The DNC has been by and large extremely impressive and refreshing. They have given the Republican party a HUGE pass. They have not laid into McCain at all up till now and it is my hope that they continue! Tonight's attacks against McCain were mild and that is exactly where it ought to be!

The less attention we give to our opponents, and the more we focus on the issues and the points where we need to improve upon, the stronger we are as a nation. We need to focus on the strengths that we still have and work together regardless of party lines to assure the best results in this country regardless of the issue.

If we give CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets their fair share of soundbytes, then all this is worth are lonely worthless soundbytes instead of creating the foundation by which our nation can grow back to where we were before 2000.

If we want to be strong again, we, as a people have to come together and find the results and work towards the betterment of this country as a communicative country who are willing to look towards our future and learn from our errors in the past.

I am glad that we are not into mudslinging, because when the RNC comes about, that is going to be the strength of their convention. They will rest all of their comments on Obama and how they are more like Reagan than even Reagan was. As ironic as that sounds, I do not say that to mudsling. I have heard several Republican debates and more often than not, the focus was on bringing the past to the present with each candidate comparing himself tirelessly to Reagan and how they will continue on his legacy. I don't understand that mentality. You do not hear Obama telling people how he wants to be like JFK, or FDR or any other past Democrat Presidents. We may have seen some of the old school democrats providing talks, but they have been supportive and provide Obama with an overall support from past, present and future support.

Even now, Romney has been sent by the McCain staff to Denver to discount and flame Obama. I find it amusing that no real press is being provided to Romney. The 3-4 men who have been arrested in a murder plot against Obama have gotten more press than Romney.

Mark Warner (D-Virginia) provided a huge talk tonight and as a follow up to Michelle Obama's talk, we have so much to look forward to with Obama's talk coming on the same day as Martin Luther King's,"I Have A Dream" address at The National Mall!

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