Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jericho Scott's pitching is good enough to scare a whole team!

Look, having played 11 years of baseball from the time I was five, I have seen my fair share of "Jericho Scotts"...there were pitchers that had my number and a lot more that didn't. When I was on a team called the Phillies, we took 2nd place and the ace was a kid named Paul...that boy had himself an arm, but the next year, he did NOT dominate the league as most expected he would...not sure if he stressed his arm, but he was never the same. Then there was a kid when I was 14 years old named Kevin Brown...HE was FAST...if he threw less than 70, it was a curve or a changeup...and I had the confidence to hit him, but I also knew that I had to choke up and get to the back of the box in order to see the ball as long as I could. I could get decent contact on foul balls, but that is costly unless you have 2 strikes already...my best hit off him was a LONG fly out right at the fence....but it DID get his attention...as I had a great game that day and he thought he gave up a HR. While I flew out, I will die with the strong self confidence that I could hit off of him or any other kid in that league. I STILL go to the cages and I STILL can hit off of the 80 mph cages. I want to always hit well and keep up that skill regardless, so that I can teach my kids how to do the same. A good catch does NOT reflect in my ability to hit the ball off of an ace. I knew what I could do. I will teach Gabriel and Jasmine how to have that level of self confidence and assurance so they are capable of understanding with a clear and lucid mind, that they can hit off of any pitcher or pitch to any hitter and if that hitter or pitcher gets the best of them that day, then give that athlete their due credit and get to their level!

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE...if these kids, whose coach decided to close up shop and leave without practicing, were taught anything, it was how to quit. There is NOT a worse lesson in sports than to give up and quit. Little League is a place where you improve on your abilities and if YOU can't hit, you had better get your dad to pitch to you, or a brother, or an uncle or anybody you can get and if THAT doesn't work, 10-15 dollars will give you plenty of training! Get into the cages, get into the game.

Baseball is a beautiful game because even these kids in self-entitled USA, will HAVE to realize, is that baseball DEMANDS work, persistance, self confidence and several other traits. NOTHING will get your self confidence up like hitting off of the ace! These kids need desperately to be shown Kirk Gibson's matchups with Goose Gossage and more important, Dennis Eckersley. Eck was a FORCE...that man did NOT have K-Rod's need to have men on base..he would get everyone out and his 47 saves were indicative of how vicious he was. When Eckersley got on the mound, it was LIGHTS OUT..Dodger fans everywhere were VERY concerned, it was over. We knew who was coming up and who was in the hole, we knew Kirk was NOT an option...and yet once Eckersley had his own oversight by walking Mike Davis, we saw the impossible occur. Lo and behold, Kirk Gibson comes out of the dugout as the pinch hitter. Kirk was NOT intimidated by Eckersley, he hit a very important HR against Gossage 4 years prior, this situation was made for him, not all of us had that same faith as Gibby's knees were shot and we got a very good sign of that from a foul ball that he tried to run out. Gibby got the ball he wanted and jacked it over the right field wall. What was he doing before that???


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