Monday, October 20, 2008

Maybe they're risque...but was not meant to offend lol

I found these and several others on

a few other choice titles were as follows:

-Save a camel, ride a coastie
-Save a boat, ride a coastie
-Coasties do it better (ask a Navy wife)
-Got coastie?
-Coasties, taking care of navy wives since 1790
-forget cowboys, ride a coastie
-can't handle the surf, stay in the sand
-coasties do it in any weather
-Coasties do a body good
-this coastie curls my toes
-my coastie rocks my socks
-Coasties do it deeper
-be an environmentalist, save water and shower with a coastie

yes there were several "i love my coasties" but those are the norm and not the I thought I'd bring out the ones that create some of the shock value lol...

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