Monday, August 11, 2008

Alain Bernard, Kharma was NOT on your side!

I have to say that while swimming has not been of complete interest to me since watching my friends swim meets at Troy High over 15 years ago...until last night. In stunning form, we all witnessed world wide the biggest relay race in a long time. Most people would NOT care about this race had it not been for Alain Bernard's brash comment that they would SMASH the US team. Well Alain, it would have done you some good to talk with our boy Jim Rome and actually GET YOURSELF SOME POSITIVE KHARMA before throwing down that befuddled prediction. What happened instead, was a smashing, but it was your expressions that told the story better than anybody else could. The sports gods got involved, KHARMA TURNED and you provided locker room motivation for the US team. Lezak and Phelps made sure that you would eat your words and ...I might ask how it tastes..but again, I saw the look on your face and it spoke volumes. Need more salt?

what was the price of your prediction?

how about 1) an individual world record? 2) a team world record? and 3) what of your pride and that of your team right about now?

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