Tuesday, September 11, 2007

To The Everett Family

Kevin Everett...we know you can't read this, but our hope, faith and prayers from those of us on this board are with you.

I have repeatedly said that risk and recognition of said risk as far as sports may not gain the sympathy that may or may not be deserved. Kevin, you have paid that ultimate and most undeserving price that may cost you your life and/or the ability to walk. We do not say that to discourage you, in fact we hope that your quality of life is not highly altered by this accident and that you WILL walk again.

Everyone here, regardless of our religion or lack thereof wishes the best for you and your family so that you may survive the imminent surgeries and treatment that you are going through. We are not interested in whether you will play football again. That is almost ideal at this point...or beyond what our immediate hopes are for you. We hope that you can survive the difficulties that have been placed before you and hope that your family can keep the faith and hope alive that you WILL indeed walk again.

Kevin, as you fight and progress through this ordeal, we will continue with eagerness to learn of your progress and listen attentively rto your health updates. Again, we wish the best for you , your family and for those friends and teammates of yours within the Buffalo Bills organization at all levels.

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