Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gundy v. The Oklahoman's Carlson

I am not laughing at Gundy…I am laughing at the amateurish column left by the Oklahoman and I DO question her credibility as well as that of her editor. When I read this article, things stuck out to me that I would NEVER use in an article whether the Oklahoman is willing to man up to this or not. who uses phrases as “I suppose”, “It seems…”, “Word is”…these phrases which were spread throughout the article are that of a 3rd party assumption. “When you assume, you make an ass of u and me. It is, in my mind, the ONLY job of a sportswriter, to go to the source. Do not adlib, do not paraphrase or put words in the mouths of others or assume that YOU have the knews based on heresay comments that this athlete told this person or that person which also occurred twice at least that I counted. When you go directly to the source without equivocation, it takes out ANY doubt and both sides of the story are aware at what will be printed. It is after the fact, to ask a coach of what the “factual errors” are..they SHOULDN’T have existed from the beginning and an emailed interview or a phone call would have clarified the situation. I am 100% behind Mike Gundy and as a father of two kids, I would have my kids play under him regardless of what you think of him. Mike Gundy is a PARENT’S coach…he is NOT a babysitter, but he is a good man who I could feel 100% comfortable having my kids play for his program without blinking twice. Parents want this type of a coach for their kids. A coach who will publically go to bat for their kids against a columnist What does Ms. Carlson want anyway? Coach Gundy told her a couple of points in his rant as far as where she goofed and said what wasn’t true, did she pay attention at all to what he said? As far as getting meal from his mom, he IS still a kid. How many of you were athletes whether in HS or college? in a 4 hour game you CAN get some hunger strikes…so the hell what? Are you better than that athlete because you don’t? his mom is in the stands and he is on the sidelines..you are making a MUCH bigger issue about this than is needed. Everybody makes Coach Gundy to be enraged, I gotta say, I thought that he was direct, forward and brunt. there are times where that is called for. If I talked about anybody’s kids the way Ms. Carlson talked about Bobby Reid- I would EXPECT to get creamed as well. Ms. Carlson, what will you do when your kid is playing Little League and someone BOOS him off the field?? Are you ready to deal with that? Probably NOT! People who write about sports, should be at LEAST athletes, so they have perspective as an athlete and as a team member. Gundy, I applaud you..people say what they want. You HAVE no explaniation to do, you gave two examples which were MORE than needed. A columnist should be able to read through their article and pinpoint where they went to the source, where they may have hit too hard or where they may not have reliable sources. An Editor should be twice as vigilent in that respect. If anything, this amateur athlete got a raw deal by an amateur columnist. Hopefully, people do NOT take Gundy’s rant out of context to benefit their own opinions. Hopefully, people will read it in the spirit and the letter of intent that he meant it.

The very fact that YOUR paper backs you up as well as your editor, means they are in line with your comments (especially the twice mentioned chicken comment) means that the Oklahoman has NO problem with articles that fail to go to the source. They are ok with all of the many discrepancies that you fail to see the need to correct, OR CHOOSE to not correct.

I found it humerous that this was KILLED OFF and deleted and would NOT be surprised to see this deleted as well…of course..ANYTHING served up as a critique to your professional credibility will be discounted and thrown away as being negative energy..

well if it were JUST me..that would be one thing..but I am OBVIOUSLY not the only one who feels this way!

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