Monday, September 24, 2007


> Did you see Coach Gundy defend his QB Bobby Reid?
> That was AWESOME!!!

> Wow...I LOVE coaches like that...if I am a player on a bad day...and
> my coach goes to bat for me the way he did calling the editor and
> columnist out like that?? I almost don't even care what their
> record is...the coaching that they get can be so much more about
> life in general than just what happens within the gridlines.
> INTENSE...and spot on! If my son does play football and could play
> for Gundy...I would have NO problems with that at all...THAT is a
> parent's coach! Not just for football, but in ANY sport. My hopes
> are that my son DOES have coaches like that! He may not play
> football but...hopefully in baseball or whatever he likes.
> I hope too that when he DOES have that big
> game (I had quite a few)where he may have a bad day or not have the best
> stats...that my wife and I can help him look at what he has done GOOD
> to get his team where they are.
> I hope I can coach Little League or High school teams after the
> military. I will take that as an exemplar way of handling the
> situation. That was awesome...he said he wished he could say
> more...I can only imagine how much more poignant or direct he could
> be.

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