Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Barry Bonds Birthday 24July64

To all of the haters who do not like Barry Bonds for whatever reason, you may feel justified in your decision to prejudge someone, just keep in mind that your decision to not forgive the guy puts you on the same level as God. This is the level where you get to decide whether you will forgive him or not..and over something like this...I just don't see the reason for it. Whether he did it or not, there are worse things in life. That goes for his mistress as well. Apparently she is set out to throw him under the bus as well...I may say this to her in response to her comment on Yahoo sports:

"If I had more self-esteem when I was younger," she said, "I wouldn't have been caught up with such a rotten man."

My response: Ms. Bell, Mr. Bonds too, had a lapse of judgement as well by getting involved with you and the only reason for your response and need to thwart his efforts at this time is because he left you in 2003 and you are ticked that you are not with him now. I would hope that Liz Watson would not get concerned about this as Ms. Bell is simply trying to coattail her way and create as much discomfort for Bonds and his family as she possibly can, especially NOW with Barry being right on the cusp of the all-time homerun record. Her ploy includes a future spread in Playboy magazine where she will again, throw Barry underneath the bus..because he is an easy target. The media has dumped on him for most of his career, whether it is of his doing or not..so why would Ms. Bell act differently?

Baseball is a game. We will never know when the steroid era began nore will we ever know if it started with Mr. Canseco or he was simply the most prolific.

No matter whether Barry took the clear or cream knowingly or not, the results cannot be changed nor will the record books. We are all aware of that. There are far too many asterisks to go around.

I will be honest, i do not expect Barry to get 3 HRs tonight (he is already 0 for 1. But I would like to see one homerun tonight..there is no better way to help yourself and your team out on such a great occasion in this record breaking year.

If you want to hate Barry Bonds for what he has accomplished, remember that he was a HOFer long before the steroid scandal began. And if it makes you feel better...provided A-Rod and Pujols do not get injured...they will overtake his record in roughly a decade...so...enjoy..you will probably get your man sooner than waiting another 3 decades..

As far as I am concerned the NBA scandal involving Tim Donaghy is a MUCH bigger story as is the NFL's Michael Vick indictment...THOSE to me warrant more of a "hate' than anything Bonds has done to this point. Donaghy compromised the NBA and its validity of the last 13 years. Vick has knowingly had dogs abused and murdered on his property by people within his family..whether he was involved or not. it is his house and ignorance is NO excuse. As long as it happened in his home, he is liable and SHOULD be held as such.

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