Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Michael Vick and His Dogdays

Whoever thinks this is ONLY about race, they're wrong. Whoever thinks that this is about ONLY celebrities or athletes, they're wrong. Whoever thinks that this is anything more or less than the abuse of animals is wrong. C rime was committed and it just happens that the FEDS have convicted him. The Federal Govt. does not convict unless they have a good reason to do so and have the evidence to show that the convicted will NOT get off...a D.A like Nifong may convict without merit or morals (didn't he get disbarred for that among other things?) but Vick is gonna go down on this one and he has no recourse...no one to throw the scapegoat on...look..there are really no surprises about the kids in this Vick Family...I am NOT really all that surprised. In fact if ANYTHING..I feel for his mom and dad...I CANNOT see how parents could actually raise their children to grow up and make these decisions. They HAVE to just be suffering inside as parents. yes Michael Vick is an adult as is his brother Marcus-both of which had issues at VTech and Marcus had his fair share of fun on some guy's calf muscle...thankfully and reasonably so..he was NOT picked up in the draft and his attempt to try out was dismal...he screwed himself out of more money in one stomping than I will EVER make...I also feel for the guy that got stomped on..but HE'LL go into the NFL knowing that neither Vick will be there...If Vick gets less than 5 years...I would consider the whole thing a travesty....ANY CRIME where you take away the free agency or life of another human being or animal should be seen as a murderer. Again, I feel bad for Vick's family...they have to tolerate this crap...

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