Thursday, March 06, 2008


Well that is, if you are from Southern California. If you're from the Bay Area, you are not sure how everything happened. At the Galen Center, USC had a decisive lead with roughly 2 minutes left when Cal goes on a 10-0 run to get into range with USC. USC and Cal fouled each other all the way throughout the game with Eric Vierneisel, Patrick Christopher and Randle fouling out for Cal. Davon jefferson was the sole eviction for USC. USC opened up OT and had a 10-2 run before Cal answered back and came as close as 3 points away before losing by 4. While USC gave Cal as many opportunities as they were willing to receive, Cal continually gave those back to USC who did take advantage more often than not.

Across the way in Westwood, Stanford had a lead for the better part of the game up until 40 seconds to go in the 2nd quarter. The only time UCLA had a lead was early in the first half at 2-0. They didn't see the lead again until they forced OT due to Collison's free throws 4 seconds away from regulation from a controversial foul by Lawrence Hill. In OT, UCLA made it happen 7-2 in OT and took a decisive lead with 35.2 seconds at 75-65. Stanford was not able to shut down a very strong UCLA offense. Collison and Love were strong all night combining for 39 pts. While the end of the Stanford/UCLA game was not as close as the SC game, UCLA had to scratch and claw in order to even get into OT, so you have got to love their chances in the dance and the upcoming PAC10 tourney.

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